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    Zero-Waste inside the Bathroom: Plastic-free Cosmetics for Babies and Kids

    Being conscious about using less plastic at home curiously didn't start in the kitchen for me, but in the bathroom. As a student, I worked for a cosmetics manufacturer from England for a few years, who was known for his outrageously colourful shops that you could smell from a mile away. He was also known for selling most of his products in solid form, completely free of packaging and especially plastic.

    Ever since, you will always find a solid piece of soap, solid shampoo and solid bath products, natural deodorants and solid body lotion in our bathroom, as well as plenty of aluminum jars with creamy cosmetics inside them. I don't yet manage being as conscious as I want everywhere in the house, but we do a pretty good job in the smallest room in our apartment.


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    It almost seems impossible to buy plastic-free cosmetics in the drugstore, as we stand between isles full of flasks and tins all made from the same packaging. But they do exist, these small treasures - you just have to look for a bit. As an alternative to products in solid form, for example, there are also beauticifiers in glass bottles, aluminum cans or containers made of organic plastic. Hair and toothbrushes as well as q-tips can also be made from wood instead of plastic. There are even reusable cotton pads made from actual cotton (ironically, the normal pads are not made from what they are called) that can simply be thrown into the washing machine after use.

    Using toxic-free perfumes is another important aspect of plastic-free cosmetics. Many traditional perfumes contain synthetic fragrances that can be harmful to both your health and the environment. These synthetic fragrances are often made from petrochemicals and can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Look for perfumes that are made with natural and organic ingredients, such as essential oils and plant extracts, which make a positive impact on your own well-being.

    But what about our little ones? That's what I asked myself recently when I was looking at my baby supplies checklists and in between numerous tips for disposable wipes and throwaway diapers. I'm not talking about a discussion if one should use a cotton diaper or not - there are different viewpoints here and it would also go too far for this post. But one thing is for sure for me: I don't want to use any wet wipes at home and also don't plan to produce more waste in the bathroom because of my child. But what plastic-free cosmetics are there as an alternative to standard brands like Bübchen, Penaten and the like?

    I looked around in stores a bit and indeed, found some products specifically made for baby and kids skin that are not just free of plastic, but also free from harmful ingredients or even completely made with natural ingredients.


    plastic-free cosmetics



    9 Plastic free Cosmetics for our Little Ones:


    • Cheeky Cherub Baby Skin Balm by Gwdihw: Balm against cradle cap and dry skin. Protects, nourishes and soothes irritated skin with the help of camomile. The tin is made of aluminum.

    • Organic Nappy Cream by Matarrania: Cream for smooth care of the sensitive diaper area. It's perfect for sensitive skin and comes without any fragrance or essential oils. Protects, softens, regenerates and moisturises and comes in a bottle of glass.

    • Liquid Baby Powder by Nappynat: Liquid baby powder with eucalyptus and rice starch, ideal for sensitive skin. Free from parabens, with natural extracts from organic farming. The packaging is made of vegetable starch and is compostable and biodegradable.

    • Kids Shampoo for Skin and Hair by Rivelles: Shampoo with nutrient-rich oat oil, without any fragrances. All ingredients are pH-neutral, gluten-free and vegan inside bio-plastics.

    • Nourishing Cream Basic-Sensitive by Lavera: Protects and cares for dry skin with organic shea butter and organic almond oil. Vegan natural cosmetics without preservatives, paraffins and mineral oils. The tin is made of aluminum.

    • Soap „Fish“ by Savon du Midi: Made from organic vegetable oils, with nourishing shea butter and floral geranium fragrance.

    • Bath Bomb „Ickle Baby Bot“ by LUSH: Vegan bath additive in solid form. Lavender oil relaxes and is used in traditional medicine for skin irritations, sunburn and insect bites.

    • Toothbrush for Kids by Ecobamboo: Soft toothbrush made of bamboo. The bristles are nylon 4, which is fully biodegradable and BPA-free.

    • Baby Hair Brush by Bürstenhaus Redecker: Olive wood brush with goat hair, which is particularly soft and gentle on the baby's scalp. The products are made from local German wood.

    As we navigate the journey of reducing plastic usage in our households, it's important not to overlook the products we use for our little ones. After exploring some excellent plastic-free, environmentally-friendly alternatives, let's also focus on natural baby care. Dive into our detailed guide on "Top Brands for the Best Baby Care" to find suitable products that prioritize both your baby's health and our planet's welfare.







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