Organic Kids Clothes made in Europe

Heavingly Soft Clothing Lovingly Made From 100% Organic Cotton



When it comes to quality, there are no compromises. We earn your trust by using sustainable materials as 100% organic cotton in our products, and we're proud to work with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified manufacturers. Sustainability is bountiful, too – we stock low, and all the elements in our supply chain are inspected to ensure they meet strict organic and ethical standards.

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Born in Europe

Our softest kids clothes are lovingly made in Europe so you get the best, minus the eco-harmful shipping distances. On top of that, we keep it gender-neutral. Through the washes and the hand-me-downs, our garments will pass from brother to sister to brother without losing their shape or softness.

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Sustainability Blog

Why organic kids clothes ?

Our organic cotton kids clothing is made with a conscious focus on the environment and the well-being of your kids. Orbasics´chemical free clothing is based on natural origins and ensures that no toxic substances get on your child´s skin. Organic baby clothing is especially good for allergy sufferers or children with sensitive skin.  We use only 100% organic cotton for our sustainable clothing with no harmful substances, therefore it´s considered particularly environmentally friendly compared to conventional cotton.
Another advantage: Thanks to the organic quality, sustainable clothing is particularly durable. This is also beneficial to you in the long run. And yay, last but not least, sustainable kids clothing is also good for the environment! Thanks to the GOTS certificate we can be sure that our kids t-shirts,kids leggings, kids pants, kids sweaters and other organic kids clothes are sustainable and fair! Finally, an organic kids fashion that is cool! 

Are your organic kids clothes fair?

Thanks to GOTS certification, our children's and baby clothing is organic but also fair! Because one of the important criteria of GOTS is compliance with minimum standards of social aspects throughout the whole production process. Fair wages, protection of workers, no forced or child labor, no mistreatment or discrimination are essential components of GOTS certication. All factories involved in the production process are inspected once a year and thus with GOTS we can be sure our organic kids clothing to be fairly produced as well. In our blog you can learn how our are made.

What is GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standard?

The GOTS certification is the Mercedes among the certificates when it comes to sustainable kids clothing and organic baby clothes. Why? GOTS certified organic cotton clothing is natural, toxin-free and fair. It certifies not only environmentally friendly but also social and fair production. It makes us happy to be sure that no one was exploited in the whole process, from the planting of the cotton seed to the finished children's t-shirt, for our sustainable kids clothing. You can learn more about GOTS certified clothing in our article.

Is certified organic cotton really sustainable?

Organic cotton has 20% less nutrient input into the soil, 70% less impact on soil acidity, 91% less water consumption, 46% less CO2 emissions, 62% less energy consumption compared to conventional cotton. Sustainable clothing is therefore more environmentally friendly: organic cotton consumpts significantly less water and is free of genetic engineering and chemical additives. In short, organic cotton and organic cotton clothing is better for you and for the environment. 

What age range of sustainable kids clothing do you offer?

At Orbasics you will find an essential selection of high-quality products made of softest and GOTS certified organic cotton for children from 1 to 12 years. Comfortable softest sustainable kids clothing for day and night, for playing or romping, for kindergarten or school, for every season!  

Fair fashion basics for the big ones

We are expanding our portfolio piece by piece, and finally we can offer our soft organic cotton clothing for adults too. Our goal is to offer high-quality fair fashion basics at a fair price. We are constantly expanding our product portfolio to be able to equip the whole family with cuddly soft basics.