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    The 15 Best Natural & Non-Toxic Perfume Brands for Blissful Scents

    Are you tired of feeling guilty about wearing perfumes with harmful chemicals? Say hello to the world of non-toxic perfumes! These are our favorite organic perfumes that are free from harmful substances and completely natural. We'll show you why you should be careful when it comes to conventional perfumes and the amazing benefits of using eco-friendly perfumes.

    So, what are the best non-toxic perfume brands ?


    Here´s the full list of 15 natural and non toxic perfume brands

    These are safe and best natural perfumes´ brands



    1. SKYLAR*

    Skylar is a non-toxic perfume brand that offers clean fragrances that are free of harmful chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, and other harmful synthetic ingredients, making them a safe and healthy choice for you and the planet.

    The products are made using high-quality natural ingredients, including essential oils and botanical extracts, and they are cruelty-free and vegan. Skylar offers a range of fragrances, each with its own unique scent profile. Skylar's bestsellers include their Capri, Isle, and Arrow scents. Capri is a light and citrusy scent that transports you to the sunny Italian coast. Isle is a fresh and tropical blend of coconut and pineapple, perfect for a day at the beach. Arrow is a warm and spicy scent with notes of jasmine and vanilla, perfect for cozy evenings in.

    Price: $20 to $78

    Location/Shipping: USA Skylar is based in Los Angeles, California and ships throughout the United States. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50.

    Shop SKYLAR

    Image by Skylar

    2. Abel Odor – Organic Perfume*

    Price: 70€ - 130€, Discovery Set for 35€

    Location/Shipping: Amsterdam, Netherlands, and New Zealand, shipping within the EU is free for orders over 50€

    This young, sustainable brand based in Amsterdam and New Zealand uses only natural non toxic ingredients and lists them all on their website. Abel is one of our favorite and best natural perfume brands

    • High-quality ingredients as the finest quality essential oils and botanical ingredients

    • Certified organic and sustainable

    • Vegan and Cruelty-free fragrances: they do not test their products on animals.

    • Long-lasting organic fragrance

    • Eco-friendly packaging: Abel uses eco-friendly packaging for their perfumes, reducing their impact on the environment.

    • Additionally, 1% of sales is donated to sustainable NGOs, and for perfume bottle sold, a meal for a child is provided through a partnership with "Mary's Meals."

    A bottle of 15 ml costs 70€ and 50 ml costs 130€. The Discovery Set of perfume* bottles is also a perfect choice for trying out different scents, costing 35€. 


    Image by Abel

    3. Sana Jardin Paris*

    Price: 30€ - 200€ per bottle, Discovery Set for 33€

    Location/Shipping: UK, worldwide shipping

    This luxury fragrance house from England focuses on conscious consumption, sustainability, and social impact. The production and supply chain of Sana's organic perfumes creates jobs for local women in Morocco and utilizes essential oils that would otherwise be discarded as a byproduct of orange blossom harvesting. A bottle of 50ml costs around 100€. There is also a eau de parfum fragrance Discovery Set for around 30€.

    • Use of sustainable and ethical ingredients: the finest raw ingredients that are sourced in a sustainable and ethical manner.

    • "Flower to Bottle" program: The brand's program focuses on empowering women in developing countries and creating positive change in the fragrance industry.

    • Unique fragrance experiences: the organic perfume brand offers a range of unique fragrance experiences, with each scent capturing a different aspect of the world.


    natural-non-toxic-perfume-Sana Image by Sana Jardin Paris 

    4. A. N. OTHER

    Price: €29 - €140

    Location/Shipping: US, worldwide shipping

    With headquarters in the USA, A.N.OTHER operates under the motto "people first". The six different eau de parfum fragrances are based on sustainable ingredients and free from harmful ingredients. They are also 100% vegan and gender-neutral. The packaging is also made of 100% biodegradable bio-paper. You pay €100 for a 50 ml fragrance bottle and €140 for a 100 ml bottle.

    • Natural ingredients: high-quality essential perfume oils and other natural ingredients

    • Sustainable perfume production: environmentally friendly production processes

    • Vegan and cruelty-free: not tested on animals

    • Eco-friendly packaging from recyclable materials, reducing the impact on the environment

    • Unique fragrances: a range of unique and distinctive fragrances, making them a good choice for those who are looking for natural solid perfume that stands out from the crowd.


    natural-non-toxic-perfume-an-otherImage by A.N.OTHER

    5. La Brûmée

    Price: €56

    Location/Shipping: UK, shipping to EU and US

    La Brûmée was founded in France's perfume capital Grasse. The company's original goal was to reduce the alcohol content in perfumes and hair fragrances and to use instead natural harmless raw ingredients. The result is completely alcohol-free, vegan, certified unisex non toxic perfume with a natural pH value.

    You can get a 50 ml bottle of perfume for about €55 at La Brûmée.

    • innovative water-based solution to make the natural scents uniquely alcohol-free, void of any harmful properties.

    • locally-sourced and certified natural ingredients from the French countryside.

    • all products vegan, cruelty-free, and certified Natural.

    SHOP La Brûmée

    natural-non-toxic-perfume-BRUMEEImage by La Brûmée

    6. The Nue Co*

    Price: from €89, Discovery Set for €112

    Location/Shipping: New York, US, shipping to US, UK, many countries worldwide

    The perfume brand from UK specializes in the connection between human health and sustainability.

    • Sustainability: The brand is committed to creating and producing 100% sustainable and non-toxic perfumes, from ingredients and formulation to packaging.

    • Plant-Based Ingredients: The Nue Co uses 100% plant-based, fair trade ingredients and avoids harmful fragrance chemicals.

    • Recyclable and FSC Certified Packaging:

    • Hypoallergenic: The Nue Co perfumes are free from parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde

    • Ethical and certified cruelty-free practices.

    • Ingredient Transparency: The brand is transparent about the ingredients used in its perfumes and provides complete information about them on its website.

    The composition of each fragrance meets different needs. Whether "Mind Energy" for better concentration or "Forest Lungs" against stress, take a look at the fragrance notes for yourself. The non toxic perfume is made from sustainably sourced raw materials.

    As a climate-positive company, they also use recyclable glass, refill bags or FSC-certified boxes for shipping. You can get a 50ml bottle for €115.


    non-toxic-perfume-the-nue-coImage by Nue Co

    7. Henry Rose *

    Price: approx. 120 €, discovery eau de parfum set of 11 * fine fragrances 45 €

    Location/Shipping: US, worldwide shipping

    • Safe and Nontoxic: formulated without parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde, making them hypoallergenic

    • gender-neutral

    • unique signature scent that is unlike anything else on the market: The fragrances are designed to evoke feelings of calm, comfort, and joy.

    • cruelty-free

    • ingredient transparency

    • Sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices: The perfumes are packaged in recyclable and biodegradable materials and the brand uses sustainable production methods.


    natural-non-toxic-perfumeImage by Henry Rose

    8. Heretic Perfume*

    Heretic Perfume is a luxury perfume brand for fine fragrance and beauty products from Los Angeles. The composition of the non toxic perfume consists of natural, plant-based ingredients mixed with organic sugarcane alcohol and is therefore only made on a natural basis, without any chemicals.

    You can find more information about the individual ingredients on the product pages. You can choose between a personalized Discovery Set or Motivation Set for approximately 25€ or a full scent with 50ml for approximately 65€.

    • High-quality natural and botanical ingredients

    • Vegan and cruelty-free

    • Sustainable production

    • Clean and sustainable perfume categories that include floral, spicy, woody, and oriental scents

    Price: 42€ -154€, eau de parfum discovery Set from 19€*

    Location/Shipping: USA, only shipped within the USA (free shipping over 125 USD)


    non-toxic-perfume-dirty-hereticImage by Heretic Perfume

    9. Frau Tonis*

    Price: 40€ -120€, Scent sets from 55€

    Location/Shipping: Berlin, Germany, shipping within the EU

    This young fragrance brand is from Berlin and has its own store there. The over 36 niche perfumes "from green to floral" are all handcrafted, unisex, and cruelty-free. Sustainability begins with Frau Tonis with local production using controlled organic raw materials, through packaging made from sustainable materials without any plastic, to resource-saving design. How about taking a quiz to find your favorite scent and choose the perfect non toxic perfume for you? By the way, the perfumes are all gender-neutral! You pay 80€ for 50ml and 120€ for 100ml.

    • High-quality natural ingredients, such as essential oils and absolutes

    • Eco-friendly packaging such as recyclable and biodegradable containers

    • Handmade in small batches, ensuring a high level of quality control and attention to detail.

    • Unique fine fragrances



    natural-non-toxic-perfumeImage by Frau Tonis

    10. ESAS*

    ESAS distinguishes itself in the fragrance industry with its chemical-free, non-toxic scents, rooted in a Farm-to-Beauty approach. Their fragrances, designed for individual use or layering, offer a luxurious sensory journey while being cruelty-free and housed in sustainable packaging. ESAS stands for a blend of opulence and eco-responsibility, appealing to those seeking indulgence in harmony with nature..

    Price: from $ 45

    Location/Shipping: USA

    Shop ESAS

    perfume oil esas

    image @ Esas

    11. Maison Louis Marie*

    Maison Louis Marie stands as a beacon in the clean beauty world, dedicated to crafting products devoid of harmful toxins that could impact the planet or its inhabitants. The brand's commitment to cruelty-free practices and thoughtful use of synthetics is clear. They use synthetic ingredients selectively, primarily to protect the planet from over-harvesting endangered plants, avoid animal products, and safeguard against natural allergens.

    The brand's journey began with its founder creating candles from flowers in her mother's greenhouse, a humble beginning that blossomed into a sustainable beauty company. Operating from Los Angeles, Maison Louis Marie's production facility is a testament to their eco-conscious ethos, using only non-toxic ingredients. This approach not only benefits the planet but also ensures the well-being of its customers. Known for their unique floral fragrances, Maison Louis Marie is a trusted choice for those seeking to explore more floral scents.

    Price: from $ 32

    Location/Shipping: USA, worldwide shipping

    Shop Maison Louis Marie*

    subtle scent Maison Louis Marie

    image @ Maison Louis Marie

    12. Phlur*

    Phlur reimagines fragrance creation by blending natural and synthetic ingredients, focusing on quality and sustainability rather than the conventional "clean" label. Their fragrances, a mix of botanicals and lab-created elements, cater to diverse preferences while upholding eco-friendly practices. Phlur's range includes unique scents, each embodying luxury and environmental consciousness, making them a top choice for those who value both.

    Price: from $ 26

    Location/Shipping: USA

    Shop Phlur*

    eau de perfume Phlur

    image @ Phlur

    13. WALDEN

    Pricing: 55€ - 80€

    Location/Shipping: UK, shipping fees vary by retailer

    The British brand WALDEN is inspired by the perfumeries of the past, where small batches were made by hand from 100% natural and high-quality fragrance ingredients. The fragrance compositions and aromas are mostly earthy and floral and are completely unisex fragrances. A 50 ml bottle of non toxic perfume costs around 50€. There are also smaller sizes available for trying out at lower prices.


    natural-non-toxic-perfumeImage by Walden

    14. WA:IT

    Price: 42€ -146€

    Location/Shipping: Italy, worldwide shipping, free shipping available

    This brand from Italy is the first European beauty brand with a carbon-negative status in 2021. The brand is committed to creating and producing 100% sustainable non toxic perfumes –
    from ingredients and formulation to the packaging.

    • 100% plant-based fair trade ingredients avoiding fragrance chemicals

    • recyclable, FSC certified packaging.

    A bottle of non toxic perfume for 100 ml is 146€, but installment payment is also possible! 


    natural-non-toxic-perfumeImage by WA:IT

    15. Kenkô

    • Pricing: €33 - €40
    • Location/Shipping: Netherlands, worldwide shipping

    Kenkô is the right place for family-friendly non toxic perfumes for mothers and children. The European brand offers natural perfume that are perfect for pregnancy and the years afterwards.

    The fragrances are specialized for sensitive skin, smell-sensitive women or children and the fragrance ingredients are communicated transparently. We spoke to Eveline from Kenkô in one of our articles, so be sure to check it out!

    Our favorite is Kenkô Hugs, a natural body spray made from pure essential oils that are gentle on the skin. Its warm notes create a calming atmosphere and invite you to turn inward during these wonderful moments of motherhood. The ultimate all-rounder, you can spray it in the room, apply it to a pillow before sleeping or add a few drops to your body. 


    non-toxic-perfum-KENKOImage by Kenko

    In addition to their popular offerings, Kenkô introduced the FLOR EAU DE TOILETTE, a natural fragrance that celebrates the profound bond between mother and child. This unique scent, crafted in collaboration with Lucy Woesthoff, is a testament to the joy and happiness of motherhood, designed especially for kids aged 4 and above. Lucy Woesthoff, the acclaimed author of ‘WOMAN’, has infused the essence of fresh watermelon, cucumber, wildflowers, and organic lavender into Flor, creating a harmonious blend that's both refreshing and comforting. The added notes of green tea and a hint of patchouli bring depth and sophistication to this delightful aroma.

    This natural fragrance is not only a scent but a journey back in time, capturing the essence of cherished memories. Gentle enough for both body and clothes, pairing this scent with Kenkô's kids' scarfs is recommended for an enhanced aromatic experience.


    Image by Kenko

    These were the best clean perfume brands.

    Choosing natural perfumes is a great first step towards a healthier lifestyle. For a complete clean beauty routine, it helps to also use makeup free from harsh chemicals. Check out our guide to the top clean, non-toxic makeup brands for healthy skin

    How can I tell if a perfume is non toxic?

    With the variety of perfumes on the market, it's not always easy to distinguish natural perfume from artificial ones. It's best to read the label carefully, but be aware that perfume industry is often not required to list all the ingredients. It's best to research the production and sustainability information before purchasing, and to critically question claims made by companies.

    The Federal Environment Agency also recommends looking for certain certifications, such as the Cosmos Organic Label for natural and organic cosmetics. Another way to check for harmful ingredients is the IFRA Label. Many labels for natural cosmetics also exclude the use of animal ingredients or animal testing, such as the Veganblume Label, cruelty-free international or PETA. 

    How is regular perfume made and what is it made of?

    Perfume is made by dissolving aromatic substances in distilled water and alcohol. The alcohol serves to make the fragrance ingredients unfold better. But how much alcohol is in a perfume? Conventional perfume typically consists of at least 80% alcohol and 3-15% perfume oil. Generally, the more perfume oils, the higher quality it is considered to be. 

    What substances in conventional perfume are harmful?

    Unfortunately, conventional perfume brands often use nature-made fragrances that have been replicated or altered in the lab, that is synthetic ingredients. For example, a study by Eco Test found that harmful ingredients were present in 23 out of 25 perfumes.

    Similarly, a database investigation by Codecheck found that highly potent allergens and toxic chemicals were present as perfume ingredients in about 47% of all women's perfumes and 37% of all men's perfumes on the market. The most common include carcinogenic and toxic chemicals such as:

    • synthetic musk

    • cashmeran

    • Lilal (Butylphenyl Methylpropional)

    • Phthalates

    • Styrene

    • and other toxic synthetic blends

    These substances are difficult to degrade and harmful to both nature and the human body. According to the Federal Environment Agency, these harmful fragrances can enter the body through our breathing and distribute throughout the body, causing inflammation or allergic reactions.

    For example, animal testing has shown that Lilal can damage the reproductive system. In some cases, exposure to chemicals in synthetic perfumes has been linked to cancer risks. UV filters such as Benzophenone-3 or Ethylhexyl also pose a risk to health and can negatively impact the hormonal system.

    What perfume is safe or not harmful?

    Safe perfumes are usually made from natural fragrance oils and ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals. This includes natural perfumes and organic perfumes made from essential oils, plant absolutes, and resins. Natural perfumes also exclude harmful ingredients such as phthalates and synthetic musk, and they often have certifications such as the Cosmos Organic Label.

    What are natural non toxic perfume substances and why are organic perfumes and natural perfumes better?

    So what are the advantages of natural perfumes compared to conventional perfumes? Natural non toxic perfume completely avoids artificial ingredients and preservatives and instead relies on natural fragrance oils and essences, such as extracts from citrus fruits, spices, leaves, flowers, seeds, or resins.

    Synthetic perfume fragrances generally last longer, but you can apply organic perfume as often as you like, as it is completely free of chemicals. In addition, sustainable scents are becoming better in their fragrance quality and versatility due to the ongoing work of natural perfumers.

    No specific references were provided in the original text, but there is much research available on the topic of the potential health effects of synthetic fragrance ingredients.

    Best Natural and Non Toxic Perfume Brands in 2024

    Now you know the main advantages of natural non toxic perfume and know the best perfume brands ! Perfumery without chemicals is not only healthier and more environmentally friendly, but also gives you a beautiful natural radiance.

    So, use up or give away your old synthetic fragrances and start using natural fragrances. Natural fragrances are also always a great and thoughtful gift. Do you know of another brand that we haven't mentioned yet? If so, please let us know in the comments.

    If you also want to avoid harmful ingredients in your clothing, take a look at our article on chemical free clothing without harmful substances.

    In the spirit of mindfulness and well-being, we advocate for the use of non toxic candles. Crafted from natural waxes like soy or beeswax, these candles are not merely sources of light. They symbolize a clean and healthy environment, aligning perfectly with our commitment to naturalness and harmony in all facets of non toxic living.

    *The links are so-called 'affiliate links.' This means that we receive a small commission if you purchase something through them, which in turn helps us to further develop the blog and create even more useful and valuable content for you!"

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