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    Sustainable Kids Advent Calendar

    Soon it's that time again: only 24 more little doors until the best day of the year! But does it have to be an kids advent calendar made of chocolate every single year? And are there also options with a little less plastic? We tried to find the best sustainable kids advent calendars and most creative ideas for creating your own, to get your little (and tall ones) excited about Christmas!


    © Meri Meri


    Readymade Calendars

    1. A family of forest animals - With this kids advent calendar by Meri Meri, your kids get a beautifully carved wooden animal each day, that becomes a little winter forest in the end
    2. A chapter a day - Each day, your older ones get to read a chapter from one of the most famous Christmas stories ever, Charles Dickens´ “Christmas Tales”
    3. An advent story a day - for younger kids, we love the story of Leo Lausemaus. Here too, kids get to read (or listen to) a story each day. There are many other story calendars too - just have a look in your nearby bookstore :)
    4. Decorating a small tree together - This Christmas tree gets more and more beautiful each day and is a real eye-catcher even after the 24th!
    5. Let's build a village - This super cute advent calendar becomes a colourful winter village after 24 days
    6. For little gardeners - (or everybody who wants to become one). This calendar is not just sustainable and locally produced, but also supports an initiative that helps psychologically traumatised and handicapped kids
    7. For curious on - "The smartest kids advent calendar in the world" each day introduces a person who has changed the world for the better with their ideas and their actions



    © Caley Dimmock 


    If you are planning to create or fill up your very own sustainable kids advent calendar this year, you can find some inspiration for your still empty doors here.


    Make your own calendar

    1. Rainbow Pencil - This four-color pencil, set in FSC®-certified linden wood, makes a Picasso out of everyone
    2. Soya wax crayons - Colourful vegan crayons that even boost the motor skills of kids
    3. For small musicians - Metal harmonica for children from 3 years up
    4. Shop / Kitchen Accessories - Here you find great wooden accessories for a little shop or a children's kitchen. Especially if one of these things will be the big Christmas gift, it's a great idea to get them curious before :)
    5. Pollutant-free and sustainable dough - This soft playdough consists of material made from renewable raw materials and encourages creative play
    6. Matching the playdough - Cute dough-stamp with changeable motifs
    7. Pop-up cards - you can find really nice postcards with pop-up animals at Avocadostore, made by Studio Roof
    8. Don´t forget school - Everybody can use a triangle ruler, especially one made of bio-plastic
    9. Learning to read letters - with these wooden letters your little ones can form their first words. How about "advent calendar"? :)
    10. Christmas baking molds - Matching the season: Christmas cookie cutters that can be used for different door
    11. And last but not least: How about a voucher for a family activity, like “baking biscuits with mom and dad”?!


    orbasics-kids-advent-calender © Marin Spiske


    And don't forget: Of course your sustainable kids advent calendar can also have some chocolate in it :) But just as well some nuts or fruits!

    The most important thing is that everyone is happy in the end - the ones getting present AND the ones giving them. We really hope that we could give you some inspiration and wish you a wonderful Christmas season. And if you want, let us know what your family thought about the calendar and what other ideas you have for a sustainable kids advent calendar! We are very curious :)

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