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How to find a babysitter?!

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Hiring the right person is easier than you think


It’s a dilemma many moms know. You love spending time with your kids, but you also need your own space to relax and to have the freedom to grow. Late night work, team events, spa days with your best friend, yoga classes, weddings or just having dinner-for-two again to check in with your partner. It's all about balance. And to find a babysitter is the wildcard for a good night out! But you’ve asked your friend and neighbours last week already and you for sure don’t want to bother your parents again to come over (you know they will say yes and you’ll feel guilty because of it). So what to do?


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The dream

If there was just someone who is always available, who you can call on the day itself to ask if being there till midnight is also OK, who can handle a 3-month-old baby and a toddler at the same time, who is experienced, trustworthy and is able to cook a vegan meal.


We hear your sarcastic mind: “Do these people (or robots) even exist?” Oh yes they do! A professional babysitter is a great solution to give yourself the well deserved time to follow your own path. You can rely on recommendations from friends and there are also many great apps, websites and all kinds of other options to get in touch with a wonder (wo)man, who is a perfect match for you and your kids. Just someone who lives around the corner and is extremely flexible.


But what if...

But we know it is not a decision you think of lightly. Before you leave your kids with a stranger, you have to be 100% sure everything is oke. Will my kid be safe? What if something happens? Does this person share the same values as my family? Can he/she handle my (lovely, but sometimes devilish) kids as well? There are a hundred questions to ask yourself, and trust us, every parent will.

On the other hand, what if it is a good match? Think about the free time and flexibility it can give you! You could just, give it a go… Getting excited and want to try it out? Here are some tips to find a babysitter and to become comfortable with a new person.


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Where to start?


  • First step: Meet in person
  • Even if you meet someone online, there is no way around a personal meeting. This way, you can ask all the questions you want, just like in a job interview. It's a great idea not only to ask about previous work experience and their hourly rate, but also give hypothetical scenarios. “What would you do when the baby is crying, but my two-year-old just decided to test the new pencils on the wall”? And not to forget, ask for CPR and First-Aid experience. You want to find someone who does the right thing when it comes to health.


  • Second step: Have a small test run
  • The next step is to make an appointment with him/her to spend time with your kids while you are around. Not only for your own observations to see how they handle things, but also to watch your kids and how they connect with this new person. Most kids have a sixth sense when it comes to right or wrong. It is totally fine to follow your gut on this and decide not to continue with one person.


  • Third step: The try out
    In case it seems like a match, make a first proper appointment during a time when you are still in the neighbourhood. Go out for dinner around the corner for example. This will be a good exercise for both your new babysitter and yourself. Trust us, you won’t be the first mom or dad who will just drink coffee around the corner checking the clock to return in an hour again.

  • Last step: Walhalla
  • Once the job application is over and your heartbeat turns to normal when you walk out of the door the next time, you know you’ve done it. You have found someone who you trust, who makes your kids feel secure and happy and who makes it possible to explore your own life again. Good job parent! Overload your new babysitter with compliments, create small surprises, compensate during holidays, and you two can be a match until the kids move out.


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    Where to find a babysitter?

    To find a babysitter, you can easily start browsing online. A variety of platforms is available nowadays to search for the perfect match in your neighbourhood. Think of platforms such as,,,, and Yoopies. Some of these platforms are specialized on babysitting, on other you might find a new housekeeper and dog groomer as well.

    How to compare?

    In the search to find a babysitter, has created a nifty overview and comparison page which is a good starting point. It has all kinds of criteria you did not even thought off yet. For example, has free accounts and very detailed babysitter profiles to search on. But apparently has a great customer service team and a money-back guarantee for premium accounts. has a strict verification process and international members, while has a large database. So every website has its own pro’s and con’s, it is up to you to find out what you prefer.



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    To make it more easy: join a babysitter event

    Are you the kind of person who doesn’t like scrolling through comparison websites? In that case we suggest an alternative. On the 12th of October, there is a free speed-date event for parents and babysitters organised by Yoopies. This is a relaxed event where sitters, parents and kids can meet. Somewhat like a networking drink with snacks and drinks, but then with potential babysitters and other parents to share experiences with. How cool is that!

    Bonus: Orbasics will be there as well with a pop-up store. Extra bonus: you get an exclusive 10% off your Orbasics purchase. Don’t forget to register for the event. It is for free, but one can handle only some amount of kids at once.

    The details

    Date: 12 October

    Starts: 18:00

    Ends: 21:00

    Where: JuggleHUB - Christburger Straße 23, 10405 Berlin

    Costs: free! But please do register here 





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