Where your clothes are made matters

Lovingly designed in Germany. Carefully crafted in Portugal.

A trusted manufacturer

We work with a family-run manufacturing company from Porto, Portugal, who shares our deep commitment to sustainability and transparency in fashion production. Our factory is owned and operated by a Portuguese family who’s been in the textile business for over 20 years. By producing in Europe, we are able to regularly visit our production partner to make quality checks and ensure fair working conditions.


Well Certified

When it comes to quality, there are no compromises. We earn your trust by using only 100% organic cotton in our products, and we're proud that our manufacturer and suppliers are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). All the elements in our supply chain are inspected to ensure they meet strict organic and ethical standards.

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Crafted in Europe, made to last

Our classic basics are lovingly made in Portugal, Europe so you get the best, minus the eco-harmful shipping distances and a better control of production. Being close to our manufacturers allows us also to personally visit the facilities that make our clothes, speak with the workers and have a close relationship with the local team.Want to get behind the scenes of Orbasics ? Check out our article to follow the journey of our organic basics from start to finish. 

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