Take better Care

How to live eco conscious

You are the final step in making fashion more sustainable! We put together a list of simple actions to make a more positive impact on our planet (and for your clothes to last longer too).

How to Shop

Go for 100% - It is only possible to recycle clothes that are 100% made of one material, for example only wool or only cotton. Say no to a mix of fibers as these can't be reused.

Shop Smart - It's easy to ge tempted by the fast fashion chains, but their cheap clothes come at a cost for the environment and the people behind the fashion. Whenever you can, choose something organic that lasts longer and go for brands that have sustainable certifications.

Swap clothes - It doesn't always need to be new. There are events or online groups for clothes swapping in pretty much every city, and they are a great way to meet new people too!

The 30 Wears Test - We absolutely love this one. Livia Firth is the founder of Eco Age, who created the #30Wears campaign. When you are buying something new, ask yourself: “Will I wear this more than 30 times.” If the answer is no, consider going for something else.

How to Wash

The way we wash our clothes has a huge influence on the earth. Did you know that washing and drying a 5kg laundry every two days releases nearly 440 kg of CO2 per year? These numbers seem abstract, but they add up.
With these easy tips, you can reduce the impact of your laundry without feeling a difference

5 Tips for Your Laundry Care

Keep it Cool - Studies show that washing with 30 degrees works just as well as with 60 degrees in getting clothes clean and shiny. Reducing your washing temperature by only 10 degrees makes a big effect already, so simply go a bit colder than usual.

Hang it Up - Drying uses much more energy than washing. In fact, many dryers use as much electricity as washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers combined! Simply hang your clothes out to dry to minimize the environmental footprint of your laundry.

5 Tips for Your Laundry Care

Use Eco-Products - There are many affordable options for eco-labelled detergents that don't contain hazardous substances like phosphate or chlorine. Also make sure to avoid softeners, as these usually contain materials that are harmful to the environment.

Easy on the Detergent - Laundry detergents today are a lot more concentrated than they used to be and chances are, that we use too much detergent. It's perfectly fine to use a bit less and it will also save some money.

Just do it - The hardest part is often to start because we are so used to doing things one way. Simply start with one of the things on the list, the rest will follow soon :)

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