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The most important thing is for our kids to feel comfortable in their clothes. At Orbasics, you can find leggings and pants in timeless unisex colors, created from 100% organic cotton that feels unbelievably soft on your child's skin. Our bottoms for kids are hard-wearing and stretchable and meant to worn be inside just as much as outside. 

When we designed the pants, we asked ourselves what really mattered to kids and their clothing. We decided to leave out everything that is not useful and focus on the really essential things: quality and comfort. Cut from sturdy and super soft organic cotton, our pants are meant to be worn by several generations and keep their softness and shape through many many washes. Our Leggings are inspired by the way that kids move and created for maximum freedom. Containing just a small bit of elastane and otherwise made of certified organic cotton, the leggings stretch just the right amount. Our bottoms for kids come in sizes 1-9 and if you have any questions about the right fit for your child, we put together a sizing table for you under this link.