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Did you know that your own childhood can influence your parenting style? Fascinating, isn't it? For Eine gute Frage für Eltern, renowned child and adolescent therapist Lena Kuhlmann has developed 100 questions to help you self-reflect and gain more insight into your childhood as well as your parenting habits. This book will help you understand yourself gradually a bit better and therefore be able to meet the needs of your little sunshine more precisely. So it pays off twice, doesn't it? For you and your little one!


  • 50 profound questions about your own childhood
  • 50 profound questions about you and your child
  • discover parallels to your past
  • uncover negative beliefs that you are subconsciously passing on to your child
  • practice self-acceptance 
  • developed by the renowned child and youth psychologist and Spiegel bestselling author Lena Kuhlmann


  • 100 % recycled paper (Blue Angel)
  • Printing inks made from vegetable oil
  • free of mineral oil
  • carbon-neutral production
  • bound locally by hand at the oldest press in the world (since 1593) 
  • no plastic shrink wrap

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