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    Why I started Orbasics

    The start of Orbasics - why I decided to launch a brand for organic kids clothes


    I truly believe that most people want to have a positive impact on the environment. We are recycling more than ever and many people are turning towards a healthier and more vegetarian diet, to name just some examples. But often, the available options make it difficult to come to conscious shopping decisions that protect the resources of our planet. One example of this is the fashion industry.
    I had this experience first-hand, when shopping for clothes for my three-year old daughter Nika. I wanted to find items for her that looked stylish, were easy to match with other outfits, produced under fair circumstances, and came with a reasonable price tag. To my surprise, this was easier said than done.
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    The options that I found were either big chains who sell cheap and mass-produced fashion that doesn't last through more than a few washes, or boutique stores with organic kids clothes where the prices had me scratching my head in disbelief. I'm sure you know this moment, when you check the price tag of a small kids shirt and find out it costs a fortune. On top of that, most items I came across, had over-the-top and cheesy decorations and made sharp distinctions between the genders. 

    With hours of frustrated shopping for Nika, I began to realize that buying sustainable and conscious fashion is really not that easy. I asked myself: how can people make a positive impact when prices for good, ethical clothing are so steep? And was there really no way to offer organic and high-quality fashion at a fair price?
    Having always had a big love for fashion, i developed a desire to find out. I really wanted to know if there wasn't a different way of making fashion. I went deep down the rabbit hole of fashion production, speaking to a number of manufacturers all over Europe, talking to them about how their clothes were made and where they sourced them from. After the research, I found out that by selling exclusively online, cutting the middlemen and keeping the collection to its essentials, organic kids clothes can actually stay affordable for everyone.
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    One day in early 2017, I decided to take the leap and start my own label for organic kids clothes. I knew that I simply cared about this matter too much that I couldn't imagine putting my time and passion into anything else.

    That was the start of Orbasics.
    With Orbasics, I have made it my mission to create the brand that I wished for my daughter, and for myself. A brand that makes clothes for girls and boys alike, a brand that you can feel comfortable giving to your kids, and a brand that cares deeply about the environment and provides you with softest gots certified clothing. With Orbasics, we want to help parents like you, who share the same ideals of sustainability, simplicity and style, to have a positive impact on the next generation and our planet.

    To put it simply, we want to make conscious fashion an easy choice. Join us on this mission!

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    Lilija, founder of Orbasics 


    Lilija is the founder of Orbasics and the mother to her daughter, Nika. She began Orbasics as one mother’s journey to find healthy, comfortable, stylish and affordable clothes for her child and turned into a mission to provide a line of unisex, sweatshop free, organic cotton clothing to all consumers.


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