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    Conscious Sparkle: 10 Sustainable Jewelry Brands to Fall in Love With

    Jewelry has always been a form of self-expression, a way to adorn ourselves with pieces that hold meaning and radiate our individuality. But have you ever paused to consider the story behind those glistening gems and precious metals? The traditional jewelry industry has harbored some harsh realities – worker exploitation, environmental devastation, and human rights violations cloaked in opulence.

    As conscious consumers, it's time we looked beyond the surface brilliance and asked ourselves: What values are we truly adorning when we choose a piece of jewelry? The exciting news is, a transformation is underway.

    A key 2021 Global Sustainability Study revealed a telling trend: 85% of us are now opting for more eco-friendly choices. Sustainable and ethical jewelry brands are pioneering a new era, one committed to ecological integrity and social responsibility.

    So, what's this buzz about sustainable jewelry? Let’s dig in.

    a necklace made of recycled silver and ethical jewelry

    Image by Nataliya Melnychuk on Unsplash

    What is considered as sustainable jewelry?

    The term "sustainable jewelry" may have once sounded like an oxymoron, given the industry's deep ties to mining and extracting finite resources. However, a revolution is unfolding as brilliant minds reimagine jewelry's future through eco-conscious innovation.

    Sustainable jewelry is crafted with a holistic emphasis on minimizing environmental impact while uplifting artisan communities. Key characteristics include:

    Use of recycled precious metals and ethical gemstone sources

    • recycled gold, silver, and precious metals, including fair trade African gold, which is ethically sourced from small-scale artisanal mines dedicated to fair wages and labor, ensuring an intentional and thoughtful supply chain at every step.

    • The incorporation of recycled diamonds alongside lab-grown and carbon-captured diamonds to highlight their role in reducing the environmental impact of jewelry, emphasizing the commitment to ethical and sustainable practices by sourcing recycled diamonds in conjunction with other eco-friendly materials like reclaimed gold and ethically sourced gemstones.

    Repurposing and longevity over fast fashion

    • Reviving vintage/heirloom jewelry reduces waste

    • Durable, timeless designs meant to be cherished for generations

    • Quality over quantity ethos champions artisanal craftsmanship

    Environmentally-conscious production

    • Sustainable studios powered by renewable energy

    • Responsible disposal of harmful chemicals and byproducts

    • Ethical jewelry brands following Kimberley Process standards

    Ethical labor practices and economic empowerment

    • Ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions

    • Supporting underrepresented artisan communities

    • Certifications monitoring labor policies

    Ultimately, sustainable jewelry transcends using recycled materials. It's a 360-degree approach championing luxury pieces created in harmonious co-existence with our planet and its people. As conscious consumers, we can adorn ourselves with intent, letting ethical jewelry symbolize a better world.

    In the article we'll uncover ethical brands that are skillfully melding luxury with sustainability. Because when you adorn yourself with intention, those twinkling gemstones become symbols of a better world, one where beauty and reverence for our planet can coexist in exquisite harmony.

    We're excited to showcase our top pick of sustainable fine jewelry brands for that perfect touch of glamour, knowing you’re making a choice that’s kind to the planet.


    What are the best sustainable jewelry brands?

    Best Eco-friendly Jewelry Brands in US

    Best Eco-friendly Jewelry Brands in Europe

    The True Beauty of Sustainable Jewelry

    As we handpicked our favorite sustainable jewelry brands, we focused on those making significant strides in using eco-friendly materials like recycled metals and lab-grown diamonds. For us, ethical labor practices are essential. We only chose brands that ensure fair working conditions, empower artisans, and contribute positively to their communities.

    However, we didn't compromise on style. Our top picks include brands that craft timeless and unique pieces, blending impeccable craftsmanship with sustainability. These are the innovators changing the jewelry game, and we're excited for you to explore the luxurious, conscious beauty they offer.

    1. WWAKE

    Location: USA

    Pricing : 50 $ - 35,000 $

    Bestseller: STICK WISP EARRING - SINGLE 100 $

    A Pioneering Sustainable Jewelry Brand

    Based in New York, WWAKE is a distinctive jewelry brand that stands out not just for its designs, but also for its sustainable and ethical commitments. 100% women-run, the brand is a beacon of sustainability and mindful design in the jewelry industry. WWAKE has good ratings on directory platforms from environmental and labor perspectives, reflecting its dedication to both the planet and its people.

    Key sustainability practices

    • Eco-Friendly Materials: Uses recycled gold, reducing environmental impact.

    • Local Manufacturing: Lowers carbon footprint through local production.

    • Environmental Impact: Focuses on limiting chemical, water, and wastewater use.

    • Labour Rights: 'it's a start', with final production in the USA.

    • Supply Chain Transparency: Traces most of the supply chain, including final stages.

    One of the Bestsellers: Among WWAKE's lauded offerings is the Stick Wisp Earring*, a distinguished piece renowned for its sleek and minimalistic design.

    Shop WWAKE*

    Image @ Wwake

    2. Ana Luisa*

    Location: USA

    Pricing: 15 $ - 360 $

    A Blend of Elegance and Sustainability

    Ana Luisa jewelry, a symphony of grace and sustainability, crafts an experience of luxury that resonates with the conscious soul. This brand is a harmonious blend of contemporary design and environmental stewardship, offering pieces that are as kind to the earth as they are beautiful.

    Recognized for its eco-friendly approach, the brand primarily uses recycled materials to minimize environmental impact. It's well-regarded for its good environmental rating and commitment to ethical labor practices.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Eco-Friendly Materials: Incorporates recycled materials.

    • Local Manufacturing: Focuses on production in Brooklyn, NY.

    • Environmental Impact: Carbon and water-neutral approach.

    • Labour Rights: Rated 'it's a start,' adheres to ILO principles but needs improvement in living wage assurance.

    • Supply Chain Transparency: Committed to ethical practices, though sources from high-risk countries for labor abuse.

    Top Pick: Mini Abby Hoop Earrings

    One of the bestsellers, Ana Luisa's Mini Abby Hoops*, offer a modern twist on classic gold hoops. These 14K gold-plated huggies are 14K gold-plated, hypoallergenic, lightweight, and perfect for everyday elegance

    Customers praise the brand for their comfortable wear, quality construction, and sustainable packaging.

    Shop Ana Luisa*

    Image @ Ana Luisa

    3. AGMES

    Location: USA

    Pricing : 75 $ - 2,000 $

    A Vanguard of Eco-Conscious Jewelry Design

    AGMES, based in New York, is renowned for its commitment to creating eco-friendly jewelry. The brand is celebrated for its high environmental rating, highlighting its use of a significant amount of recycled materials, thus reducing the demand for new resources and minimizing waste. Each AGMES piece is carefully crafted to defy trends and is handmade to last for generations, embodying the brand's focus on sustainability and durability.

    AGMES merges artistic inspiration from urban landscapes, architecture, and modern art with a commitment to eco-responsibility, making it a prime choice for the environmentally conscious and style-savvy consumer.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Eco-Friendly Materials: AGMES uses a considerable amount of recycled materials in its jewelry production.

    • Environmental Impact: The brand's commitment to using eco-friendly materials aids in reducing waste and conserving resources.

    • Labour Rights and Supply Chain Transparency: the brand's overall commitment to sustainability suggests a focus on ethical production practices.

    Spotlight on Bestseller: Turner Ring

    The Turner Ring stands out as a top favorite among AGMES's collection, this ring is a popular choice for those seeking style aligned with environmental and ethical values.

    Shop AGMES here

    Image @ Agmes


    Location: USA

    Pricing: $50 - $558

    Bestseller: Sia Stud Earrings

    Ethical Elegance from the Heart of Kenya

    SOKO, an innovative jewelry brand based in the USA with roots in Kenya, is revolutionizing the industry with its unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern sustainability. This brand stands out for its deep connection to Kenyan artisan communities, empowering them through ethical practices and innovative technology.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Eco-Friendly Materials: SOKO utilizes sustainable materials, uses recycled brass, leftover wood, and reclaimed horn, emphasizing ethical sourcing and reducing environmental impact.

    • Community Impact: SOKO is a lifeline to its artisans, providing fair wages and sustainable working conditions.The brand's approach significantly benefits local communities, providing economic opportunities while maintaining ethical production standards.

    • Environmental Impact: SOKO is committed to practices that minimize its ecological footprint, aligning with the brand's ethos of sustainability.

    Spotlight on Bestseller: Sia Stud Earrings

    The Sia Stud Earrings, among SOKO's bestsellers, are exemplary of the brand's commitment to blending style with ethical practices. These earrings, priced accessibly, reflect SOKO's dedication to offering sustainable luxury.

    Shop Soko here

    Image @ Soko

    5. Futura

    Location: USA

    Pricing: $850 - $26,000

    Bestseller: Ethereal Laurel Wedding Ring

    Pioneering Ethical Gold Jewelry

    Futura, based in the USA, is at the forefront of the sustainable jewelry movement. The brand is renowned for its commitment to ethical practices and its pioneering use of Fairmined Ecological Gold, ensuring environmentally responsible mining without the use of toxic chemicals like mercury and cyanide.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Eco-Friendly Materials: Futura stands out for its high proportion of eco-friendly materials, including Fairmined Ecological Gold, which aligns with its commitment to environmental stewardship

    • No Mercury, No Toxic Chemicals: By avoiding mercury and cyanide in gold mining, Futura mitigates the significant environmental impact typically associated with gold jewelry production

    • Environmental Impact: Each piece of Futura jewelry is handcrafted with mercury-free 18kt Certified Fairmined Ecological gold, sourced from certified mines that adhere to the highest ecological standards

    Spotlight on Bestseller

    The Ethereal Laurel Wedding Ring, a highlight in Futura’s collection, epitomizes the brand's dedication to sustainable luxury. This piece, handcrafted from ethical gold, represents the brand’s vision of creating jewelry that is both beautiful and responsible.

    Futura's approach to jewelry is a harmonious blend of luxury, ethics, and environmental responsibility, making it a standout choice for those seeking sustainable elegance.

    Shop Futura here

    Image @ Futura

    6. APSE

    Location: Bellingham, WA, USA

    Pricing: $40 - $440

    Top Pick: Seed Ring Jade

    Sculpting Self-Expression in Sustainable Jewelry

    APSE, founded in January 2016, is a form of artistic self-expression. Created by Hayley and Jarod Boyd, both with fine art degrees, APSE integrates techniques from sculpture and printmaking into its jewelry design, reflecting a deep connection to artistry and personal expression.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Artistic Foundation: The founders’ backgrounds in sculpture and printmaking infuse a unique artistic flair into each piece

    • Eco-Friendly Materials: APSE is committed to sustainability, using recycled sterling silver and gold, and repurposed materials from local thrift stores.

    • Gender-Neutral Design: In line with contemporary values, APSE’s jewelry is designed with a genderless twist

    • Made-to-Order: Each piece is handcrafted to order, ensuring no excess production and aligning with conscious consumerism.

    • Circular Production Model: Emphasizing a circular economy, APSE re-incorporates unwanted pieces back into their cycle, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

    APSE’s approach to jewelry making is genuinely refreshing. The brand’s story, deeply rooted in art and personal narrative, adds an emotional depth to their pieces, making each item more than just an accessory – it’s a part of the wearer’s story. The Seed Ring Jade, one of their bestseller, is a perfect example of this philosophy, blending style, sustainability, and substance.

    Shop Apse Jewelry here

    Image @ Apse

    7. Mejuri

    Location: Canada

    Pricing: Under $150 - Over $500

    Mejuri: Everyday Fine Jewelry with a Sustainable Touch

    Mejuri, a Canadian brand founded in 2015, stands out in the luxury jewelry market with its unique blend of accessibility and commitment to sustainability. Catering earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and a collection of engagement rings to the modern consumer, Mejuri is celebrated for offering fine yet affordable jewelry, striking a balance between quality and ethical sourcing.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Eco-Friendly Materials: Mejuri uses responsibly sourced materials, including 14k solid gold (both recycled and new, responsibly sourced), 18k gold vermeil, AAA-grade gemstones and pearls, rhodium-plated sterling silver, and conflict-free diamonds.

    • Ethical Sourcing: Complying with the Kimberley Process, Mejuri ensures their diamonds are ethically sourced. The brand is on a mission to achieve 100% traceable fair trade gold, highlighting its dedication to ethical practices.

    • Sustainable Production: Focused on sustainability, Mejuri utilizes 70% certified recycled materials for their gold, aiming to increase this figure for better environmental impact.

    • Community and Environmental Engagement: Beyond creating beautiful jewelry, Mejuri actively participates in community initiatives and environmental rehabilitation, showcasing its commitment to broader social and ecological responsibilities.

    Top Pick: Figure Ring

    The Figure Ring is a piece stands out for its elegant and timeless appeal, making it a popular choice among those who seek both style and sustainability in their jewelry.

    Shop Mejuri here

    Image @ Mejuri

    Best Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry Brands in Europe

    8. AllBlues

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Pricing: $200 - $2,500

    Bestseller: [Unavailable]

    AllBlues: Spotlight on Design, Sculpting Sustainability in Silver & Gold

    AllBlues, based in Stockholm, merges Swedish design finesse with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Renowned for its gender-fluid designs and minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics, AllBlues offers a unique approach to jewelry, making it a favorite for both men and women who value style and sustainability.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Unisex Design Philosophy: AllBlues excels in creating jewelry that transcends gender norms, offering elegant pieces suitable for all.

    • Eco-Friendly Materials: AllBlues champions the use of sustainable and ethically sourced materials, emphasizing ecological responsibility in every creation.

    • Artisanal Excellence: Each jewelry piece is meticulously handcrafted, embodying quality and durability to lessen the environmental impact of production.

    • Reducing Ecological Footprint: The brand's practices showcase its dedication to minimizing environmental harm, staying true to sustainable ethos.

    Top Pick: Double Necklace Thin Gold

    The Double Necklace Thin Gold embodies the brand's signature blend of minimalist design and environmental mindfulness. This piece is a celebration of sustainable luxury, appealing to those who seek both style and substance in their jewelry choices.

    Shop AllBlues here

    Image @ AllBlues

    9. Alexandra Hakim

    Location: Madrid, Spain

    Pricing: $60 - $495

    Bestsellers: Gold Matches, Heart Toggle Earrings

    Innovating Sustainable Jewelry with Found Materials

    Alexandra Hakim, a British-Lebanese jewelry designer now based in Madrid, is revolutionizing sustainable jewelry with her unique approach to design and commitment to ecological consciousness. Her ability to transform found objects and used materials into precious metals and extraordinary jewelry sets her apart in the industry.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Zero-Waste Philosophy: Each piece of Alexandra Hakim's jewelry is zero-waste, unique, and handmade, showcasing her dedication to sustainability from concept to execution.

    • Sustainability in Metalwork: Hakim's work with metal is particularly sustainable, as it can be melted down and reused almost endlessly, embodying her zero-waste approach​.

    • Empowering Local Crafts: By engaging with local workers in Lebanon, Hakim integrates different crafts into her work. She has spoken to fishermen, farmers, and craftsmen about their work, incorporating elements such as rubbish from the sea into her collections​.

    • Cultural and Environmental Awareness: Her collections often tell stories and raise awareness about environmental and social issues

    Top Pick: Gold Matches & Heart Toggle Earrings

    Gold Matches and Heart Toggle Earrings are emblematic of Hakim's philosophy, blending luxury with sustainability. These pieces represent a unique aesthetic but also a commitment to environmental responsibility and innovative design​.

    Shop Alexandra Hakim here

    Image @ Alexandra Hakim

    10. Akind

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden (Produced in Spain, Italy, and Germany)

    Pricing: €80 - €3500

    Pioneering Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry

    Founded in 2019 by Anna Wallander, AKind stands out as a forward-thinking fine jewelry brand dedicated to creating real change in the industry. With its roots in Stockholm and collaborations with expert goldsmiths across Europe, AKind crafts Scandinavian-inspired jewelry that redefines the standards for responsible and timeless pieces.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Zero-Waste and Ethical Materials: AKind is committed to using 100% recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds.

    • Empowering Consumers through Affordability: AKind's direct-to-consumer business model, which is primarily digital, eliminates middlemen costs and high wholesale mark-ups.

    • Sustainable Design Philosophy: AKind's jewelry design is clean, minimalistic, trendy, and timeless.

    • Awareness and Continuous Improvement: AKind acknowledges the environmental cost of their products and actively works towards reducing their footprint.

    Top Pick: The 6 Diamond Band

    The 6 Diamond Band is a testament to AKind's philosophy, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, sustainability, and affordability.

    Shop AKind'


    Image @ Kind

    11. Marenjewellery

    Location: Ulm, Germany

    Pricing: €136 - €6500

    Top Pick: Sunray Armband*

    Sustainable Luxury with a Conscience

    Maren Jewellery, led by Helge Maren Hauptmann, epitomizes luxury that's in tune with nature. The brand is recognized for its timeless designs and commitment to sustainable practices.

    Key Sustainable Practices

    • Recycled Metals & Lab-Grown Diamonds: Maren Jewellery utilizes recycled gold, silver, and synthetic diamonds, emphasizing environmental responsibility​​​​.

    • Urban Mining Initiative: The brand actively supports urban mining for gold and silver, contributing to the circular economy and reducing environmental impact​​.

    • Social & Environmental Responsibility: A portion of profits supports Earthbeat Foundation and Chooose Foundation, aiding communities affected by gold mining and offsetting carbon emissions​​.Maren Jewellery is a Certified B Corporation and RJC certified, ensuring fair working conditions and transparent supply chains​​​​.

    • Nature-Inspired Design: Inspired by the natural world, their designs are simple, elegant, and timeless, appealing to a sense of beauty and environmental awareness​​​​.

    With a focus on harmonizing luxury and environmental consciousness, Maren Jewellery sets new industry standards for sustainable luxury. The approach combines respect for nature with the crafting of exquisite pieces.

    Shop Maren Jewellery here*

    A woman wearing a necklace made of recycled metals and fine jewelry

    Image @ MarenJewelry

    By supporting these brands, you can wear beautiful, stylish pieces while also contributing to a more sustainable world.

    The Future of Sustainable Jewelry

    beautiful pieces of sustainable jewelry made from recycled materials and ethically sourced gemstones.

    Image @ Luisana Galicia on Unsplash

    The sustainable jewelry sector's future appears promising, propelled by technological progress and escalating consumer demand towards greener and more accountable practices. As more people prioritize ethical sourcing and environmentally conscious products, sustainable jewelry brands will continue to innovate and adapt to meet this demand.

    In the coming years, we can expect to see:

    • Greater efficiency in sustainable jewelry production, thanks to technological advancements such as 3D printing and new materials.

    • Increasing consumer interest in sustainable jewelry, leading to a growing market for eco-friendly and ethical pieces.

    Technological Advancements

    Technology significantly contributes to advancing sustainable practices within the jewelry industry. By embracing innovative technologies such as 3D printing and blockchain, brands can reduce waste, improve efficiency, and promote transparency in their supply chains.

    In addition, advancements in material science and recycling technologies are revolutionizing the industry, enabling the creation of more sustainable and eco-friendly jewelry . As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative and responsible practices in the sustainable jewelry industry.

    Growing Consumer Demand

    A woman wearing a necklace made of jewelry piece and conflict free diamonds

    Growing demand for sustainable jewelry is fuelled by heightened consumer awareness and interest, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. As more people prioritize ethical sourcing and eco-friendly designs, ethical jewelry brands will need to continue evolving and adapting to meet this demand.

    With the global jewelry market predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% from 2023 to 2030, the future of sustainable jewelry looks promising, with technological advancements and growing consumer demand shaping the industry for years to come.

    Key Takeaways

    • Transforming Traditions: The sustainable jewelry movement is reshaping the industry by prioritizing ethical sourcing, eco-friendly materials, and cutting-edge innovations.

    • Impactful Choices: When you choose ethical jewelry brands, you're not just accessorizing—you're making a significant positive impact on the environment and uplifting local communities.

    • Reflect Your Values: These unique, beautiful pieces are more than just jewelry; they're reflections of your personal values and commitments.

    • A Timely Trend: With ongoing technological progress and increasing consumer interest, there's no better time to join the sustainable jewelry revolution and make a difference with your style choices.

    recycled gold jewelry

    Image @ Alexander Grey auf Unsplash

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is eco-friendly jewellery?

    Eco-friendly jewelry consists of materials that are more environmentally-friendly, such as lab-grown diamonds, which require fewer resources than traditional mining.

    What are the sustainable issues in the jewelry industry?

    The jewelry industry has a negative environmental impact, including air and water pollution, deforestation, soil degradation and more. One mined carat of gold releases 57 kg of carbon, making sustainability issues within this industry a real concern.

    How does sustainable jewelry benefit the environment?

    Sustainable jewelry helps to reduce waste, conserve resources and promote responsible sourcing and production, resulting in a reduced environmental impact.

    What materials are commonly used in sustainable jewelry?

    Sustainable jewelry typically consists of recycled gold, silver and bronze, as well as lab-grown diamonds and gemstones.

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