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    Embrace Clean Beauty: 15 Best Non-Toxic Body Washes for Natural Healthy Skin

    Listen up, friends, we're talking about the best non toxic body wash in today's round-up. Why is this one so important when it comes to clean non toxic living? It's not hard to tell... it goes ALL over your body! When you use body wash, you cover more surface area of your skin than when you use shampoo, deodorant, and face wash combined!

    As we know, these products not only contact the surface but are also absorbed into our skin and even our bloodstream!

    So what's in your body wash? Are you aware of the potential health risks associated with the harmful chemicals often found in conventional body washes? The scary thing is, these chemicals have been linked to health risks like hormonal disruption, skin irritation, brain disfunction and even cancer!

    Let's dig in and discover all you need to know about the best non toxic and clean body washes on the market and how to find one that's best for you! Empower yourself with knowledge and protect yourself against toxins hiding in plain sight.

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    Is There Such Thing as Natural Body Wash?

    Natural body wash does exist! And in the realm of personal care products, terms like "natural," and "organic," are often used interchangeably, but they do have distinct meanings.

    Natural: Generally refers to products that contain ingredients sourced from nature, such as plant extracts, essential oils, and minerals. However, it's essential to note that the term "natural" is not regulated by any governing body, so products labeled as natural may still contain synthetic or potentially harmful ingredients.

    Organic: Indicates that the ingredients in a product were grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Certified organic products are regulated by reputable organizations like the USDA Organic seal or the EWG Verified mark., which sets standards for organic farming and production methods.

    What is Non Toxic Body Wash?

    When it comes to choosing a non toxic body wash, the term 'non-toxic' is pivotal. Non-toxic body wash is designed to be safe for your skin, free from harmful chemicals that are often found in traditional body washes.

    These chemicals, ranging from parabens to phthalates, can have various negative effects, including disrupting hormones, causing skin irritation, and even contributing to more severe health issues.

    Later in this article, we'll touch on the common harmful chemicals typically found in many body washes and explain why they're problematic. Make sure to stick around after the round up for that!

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    What Is The Best Natural Body Wash to Buy?

    When seeking the best natural and non toxic body wash, look for products that prioritize clean, plant-based ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals. Consider factors such as ingredients, certifications, brand transparency and effectiveness to select the very best non toxic body wash for you.

    Here are our top picks of natural non toxic body wash brands:

    Plaine | Shop here*

    100 % Pure | Shop here*

    SheaMoisture | Shop here*

    Puracy | Shop here*

    Aleavia Skin Care | Shop here*

    Alaffia | Shop here*

    Ursa Major | Shop here*

    Native | Shop here*

    Dr. Bronner's | Shop here*

    Bathing Culture | Shop here*

    KOSAS | Shop here*

    Björk and Berries | Shop here*

    Pipette | Shop here*

    ATTITUDE | Shop here*

    Weleda | Shop here*

    With these brands setting the standard for clean beauty, let's delve into individual product reviews to find the perfect non-toxic body wash for your skincare needs.

    1. Plaine Sensitive Skin Body Wash*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $30.00

    Why we love it: We’re impressed by its unique refillable system, a major plus for reducing plastic waste. This body wash skillfully combines eco-conscious practices with excellent cleansing, thanks to its natural oils and aloe vera . It leaves your skin not just clean, but also soft and invigorated.

    Skin Type: All, ideal for normal to dry


    • Vegan

    • Leaping Bunny Certified

    Shop Plaine here*

    non toxic body wash Plaine

    2. 100% Pure Vanilla Bean Shower Gel*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $20

    Why we love it: This shower gel is a delight for the senses, offering a luxurious vanilla scent. The formula is rich in nourishing ingredients, like aloe and green tea, which leave the skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated. This gentle body wash manages to cleanse effectively without stripping the skin of moisture—perfect for everyday indulgence!

    Skin Type: All, particularly good for dry skin


    • Cruelty-Free

    • Gluten-Free

    Shop 100% Pure here*

    non toxic body wash 100% pure

    3. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Body Wash*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $10

    Why we love it: This product is a boon for coconut smell lovers, offering a soothing fragrance while ensuring the skin remains soft and doesn’t dry out. The variety of natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil caters to different skin needs, and its ethical sourcing further enhances its appeal.

    Skin Type: All, especially nourishing for dry skin


    • Cruelty-Free

    • Ethically Traded Ingredients

    Shop SheaMoisture here*

    clean body wash SheaMoisture

    4. Puracy Natural Body Wash*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $26

    Why we love it: Puracy Natural Body Wash impresses with its 98.6% plant-based ingredient formula, providing a gentle yet effective cleansing experience. The coconut-based cleansers and Himalayan pink sea salt create a naturally hydrating body wash that balances the skin. Its non-irritating formula is a plus, especially for those with very sensitive skin, ensuring a soothing, nourishing wash.

    Skin Type: All, ideal for sensitive and dry skin


    • Vegan

    • Gluten-Free

    • Cruelty-Free

    • Made in the USA

    Shop Puracy here*

    Puracy clean body wash

    5. Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $24

    Why we love it: Our favorite feature is the prebiotic ingredients, which help restore the skin's natural microbial balance. It's vegan-friendly and comes in a pleasant scent that adds to the refreshing cleansing experience. Ideal for maintaining healthy, naturally balanced skin.

    Skin Type: All, especially good for maintaining natural skin health


    • Vegan

    Shop Aleavia here*

    clean chemical free body wash Alevia

    6. Alaffia Everyday Shea Body Wash*

    Location: Manufactured in U.S., partnered with women's cooperatives in West Africa for ingredient sourcing

    Pricing: $30

    Why we love it: This one is a perfect choice for those who prefer a gentle, unisex, and unscented option. It’s shea butter formula is meant to cleanse without leaving the skin feeling dry, maintaining moisture and comfort after every wash.

    Skin Type: All, ideal for those who prefer unscented products


    • Fair Trade

    • Cruelty-Free

    Shop Alaffia here*

    non toxic body wash Alaffia

    7. Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $13

    Why we love it: This bar soap from Ursa Major is a high-quality, natural choice, boasting moisturizing and exfoliating properties. Its unisex appeal, coupled with its ability to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth, makes it a great option for a revitalizing and thorough cleanse.

    Skin Type: All, excellent for those who need gentle exfoliation


    • Vegan

    • Gluten-Free

    • Cruelty-Free

    Shop Ursa Major here*

    non toxic body soap Ursa Major

    8. Native Unscented Body Wash*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $20

    Why we love it: Native’s Unscented Body Wash is a great unisex option for those who prefer fragrance-free products. Its gentle formula effectively cleanses without irritating the skin, making it suitable for everyday use.

    Skin Type: All, particularly those sensitive to fragrances


    • Cruelty-Free

    Shop Native here*

    non toxic body wash Native

    9. Dr. Bronner's Organic Sugar Soap*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: 4 count for $50

    Why we love it: Dr. Bronner's Soap offers great value, with a long-lasting formula and a variety of refreshing scents. It's a versatile option, though it might not be the best choice for very sensitive or dry skin.

    Skin Type: Normal skin /All, except very sensitive or dry


    • USDA Organic

    • Fair Trade

    • Cruelty-Free

    • Non-GMO Project Verified

    Shop Dr. Bronner's here*

    non toxic body wash Dr Bronner

    10. Bathing Culture Organic Mind + Body Wash*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $36

    Why we love it: Bathing Culture’s Mind and Body Wash is notable for its sustainable approach, with a refillable glass bottle. Its unique, woody scent is distinctive, though not for everyone. A great choice for an invigorating and environmentally conscious wash.

    Skin Type: All


    • Vegan

    • Cruelty-Free

    Shop Bathing Culture here*

    chemical free body wash bathing culture

    11. KOSAS Good Body Skin - AHA + Enzyme Exfoliating Body Wash*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $22

    Why we love it: Kosas’s Good Body Skin stands out as a clean beauty peeling product. Its exfoliating properties help remove the dead skin cells and leave the skin rejuvenated and smooth, suitable for those looking for a refreshing and effective skin peel experience.

    Skin Type: All, especially those looking for exfoliation


    • Leaping Bunny Certified

    Shop KOSAS here*

    non toxic body scrub dosas

    12. Björk and Berries White Forest Hand & Body Wash*

    Location: Sweden


    Why we love it: This organic body wash from Björk and Berries offers a luxurious and environmentally friendly cleansing experience. It’s gentle on the skin and has a delightful, nature-inspired scent.

    Skin Type: All


    • Organic

    Shop Björk and Berries here*

    non toxic body wash Björk & berries

    13. Pipette Relaxing Body Wash Gel*

    Location: U.S.

    Pricing: $15

    Why we love it: Perfect for expectant mothers, Pipette’s Relaxing Body Wash boasts gentle, 100% clean, and nontoxic ingredients, ensuring a safe and soothing bath or shower time experience.

    Skin Type: All, ideal for pregnancy


    • EWG Verified

    • Cruelty-Free

    Shop Pipette here*

    chemical free body wash Pipette

    14. ATTITUDE Orange Leaves Body Wash*

    Location: Canada

    Pricing: $21

    Why we love it: Attitude’s Super Leaves Shower Gel combines natural leaf extracts and a refreshing scent. It's designed for a revitalizing shower experience, backed by eco-friendly and health-conscious values.

    Skin Type: All


    • EWG Verified

    • ECOLOGO Certified

    • Cruelty-Free

    Shop Attitude here*

    chemical free body wash Attitude

    15. Weleda 2-in-1 Gentle Baby Calendula Body Wash*

    Location: Germany

    Pricing: $12

    Why we love it: Weleda's Calendula Shampoo and Body Baby Wash is a versatile, family-friendly product, gentle enough for kids and babies. It’s recommended for its nourishing and soothing properties, ideal for tender skin.

    Skin Type: All, especially suitable for babies and children


    • NATRUE Certified Natural

    • Cruelty-Free

    Shop Weleda here*

    chemical free baby wash for kids and babies Weleda

    What Toxic Ingredients are Hiding in Most Body Washes? (Top 6 Ingredients to Avoid)

    Non-toxic body wash is formulated without harmful chemicals that can pose risks to human health. Some common harmful chemicals to avoid in toxic body wash products include:

    1. Parabens: Commonly used as preservatives, parabens like methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben are linked to hormonal imbalances and reproductive issues, with potential connections to breast cancer.

    2. Phthalates: These chemicals, often hidden in fragrances, are used to enhance plastic flexibility and as solvents. They’re associated with disrupting hormones and causing reproductive and developmental toxicity. Watch out for phthalates such as diethyl phthalate (DEP), dimethyl phthalate (DMP), and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

    3. Sulfates (SLS/SLES): Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate are surfactants that strip natural oils from the skin, leading to dryness and irritation. Opt for sulfate-free body washes for a gentler approach to cleansing.

    4. Synthetic Fragrances: These fragrances may contain unlisted harmful chemicals. Products scented with natural essential oils or labeled as "fragrance-free" are safer alternatives.

    5. Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Releasers: Known carcinogens, these substances like DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, and quaternium-15, can cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues.

    6. Triclosan: Once a common antibacterial agent, triclosan has been largely phased out due to concerns over hormonal impacts and antibiotic resistance. Still, it's worth double-checking labels to avoid it.

    While these are some of the major culprits, other ingredients like Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs), Ethanolamines(MEA/DEA/TEA), Siloxanes (Dimethicone/Cyclomethicone), Mineral Oil and Petroleum Derivatives also pose risks. They can range from carcinogenic contaminants to skin irritants and environmental hazards.

    By being aware and choosing non-toxic body washes made with natural and organic ingredients, you're making a healthier choice for your skin and your overall wellbeing.

    chemical free body washes

    Benefits of Chemical-Free Body Wash

    The benefits of using non-toxic (often referred to as organic or natural) body wash are numerous, focusing on both health and environmental advantages.

    By opting for natural and organic body care brands, you can gain following key benefits :

    Healthier Skin

    • Free from Harsh Chemicals: Non-toxic body washes do not contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, which can cause skin irritation, dryness, and damage

    • Maintains Natural pH Balance: These body washes help maintain the skin's natural pH balance, promoting healthy cell growth and preventing skin irritations

    • Nourishing Ingredients: They are rich in natural ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree oil, olive oil and coconut oil, which nourish, protect, and hydrate the skin

    • Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Being gentler on the skin, non-toxic body washes are less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions, making them ideal for sensitive skin types

    Environmental Benefits

    • Sustainable Practices: Organic body washes are produced using ingredients grown without toxic fertilizers, promoting sustainable farming practices.

    • Eco-friendly Packaging: Many brands choose to source ingredients sustainably and package their products in eco-friendly materials.

      , reducing waste and minimizing environmental footprint

    • No Toxic Runoff: Since these products are free from harsh chemicals, they are less harmful to the environment when washed down the drain

    By incorporating  chemical-free body washes into your skincare routine, you can enjoy the benefits of clean beauty while promoting healthier skin and a more sustainable lifestyle.

    What Is The Most Natural Thing to Wash Your Body With?

    For the most natural cleansing, nothing beats water. It's the simplest and most gentle way to clean your skin. If you need something more, a mild, organic soap or a plant-based body wash with minimal ingredients is a great natural alternative.

    Key Takeaways

    • Clean Ingredients, Clean Living: Focus on body washes with plant-based, non-toxic ingredients for a healthier skincare routine.

    • Transparency is Key: Look for clear labeling and trustworthy certifications like USDA Organic and EWG Verifiedfor certified organic ingredients.

    • Harmful Chemicals to Avoid: Avoid body washes with parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, known for adverse health effects.

    • Eco-Friendly Choices: Opt for brands committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, contributing to environmental wellness.

    chemical free hair and body wash


    Are natural body washes better for sensitive skin?

    Yes, natural body washes are often better suited for sensitive skin than their conventional counterparts. Natural body washes are formulated with gentle, non-irritating ingredients such as botanical extracts, essential oils, and plant-based surfactants, which are less likely to cause allergic reactions or skin sensitivities.

    Like we've discussed in this article, natural body washes are free of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances, which can exacerbate sensitivity and irritation in sensitive skin types.

    Always patch test new products and choose fragrance-free options if you have sensitive skin.

    Are fragrances and colors always harmful?

    Not necessarily. While artificial fragrances and colors can contain potentially harmful chemicals, natural fragrances and colors derived from plant-based sources are generally safer and may offer additional skincare benefits.

    However, some individuals may still be sensitive to natural fragrances or essential oils, so it's essential to patch test products and choose fragrance-free options if you have allergies or sensitivities.

    Additionally, artificial colors are often unnecessary in skincare products and may be avoided in favor of naturally derived alternatives.

    Are chemical-free body washes suitable for all skin types?

    Natural and organic ingredients are chosen for their gentle and nourishing properties, making them suitable for individuals with various skin concerns.

    However, it's essential to select a body wash formulated for your specific skin type and needs, whether you're looking for extra hydration, gentle exfoliation, or soothing ingredients.

    Again, patch testing new products and consulting with a dermatologist can help ensure compatibility and efficacy for your skin type.

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