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    #MOTHERSTORIES - Christin from Münster about Yoga, mindfulness and time for herself

    It's time to talk about you again! It's time for your stories. In #MOTHERSTORIES we introduce you to a colourful mix of moms who all have something in common: they are committed to sustainability and are customers of Orbasics.
    This time we spoke to Christin. She lives together with her son carlo, her husband and their dog in the beautiful city of Münster and is expecting her second child right now. Christin is a yoga teacher and talks to us about her daily life, mindfulness, yoga with children and how she keeps her balance in the busy life of being a mother.


    Christin while practicing yoga


    Hi Christin, could you start out by telling us a bit about yourself and your family - where do you come from, where and how do you live now?

    I was born in Castrop-Rauxel, and that's where I also grew up. At first I moved to Dortmund and eventually I moved to the wonderful “Münsterland”. This is where i´ve been living for around a year with together with husband, dog, our son and the little baby in my belly. We don't plan on leaving anytime soon, the city of Münster really stole my heart.

    You have a little son and you´re soon expecting another baby. Do you have something like a typical daily rhythm? How do you manage your day and is it important to you to have a routine?
    Because we both work and Carlo goes to the Kindergarten, we do keep a fixed routine in the morning. We cuddle before we have to get up, drink some coffee and milk together, one of us takes the dog out, and then it's already time to get ready. But in general we make every day the way we want to.
    A morning and evening routine is very important to me and my child. I realise how important it is every time (often only when we lose the routine a bit). In a fast-paced and chaotic daily life, these rituals can be an anchor that grounds us.


    Chistin and her family at home

    You´re a Yoga teacher. How did you find Yoga for yourself, what does it mean to you and how did you learn it?

    I found out about yoga through a dear friend. I had to pretty much be convinced to try out this “Yoga”. But from the first hour on I was hooked. I got completely addicted and was so impressed how Yoga felt for me. First physically, then also mentally.
    Pretty quickly it became clear to me, that I wanted to pass on those things that my teachers gave me. I was so thankful for the feeling, wanted to bring in my own style and do something good for others.

    For me it was important to realise that there's not one Yoga only and that every journey can be and should be personal. Everyone lives Yoga differently and integrates it into their life differently as well. Everything is possible but nothing should be forced. Yoga is so multi-faceted and offers so much to learn from. Yoga, mindfulness and gratitude allowed me to get to know myself much more deeply and that changed everything for me.

    First attracted by asanas, which gave me such a positive feeling in my body, I know appreciate more what Yoga does to my mind. How it grounds me, brings me closer to myself, how it allows me to better understand and accept other people and challenging situations.
    I completed my teacher training in an Ayurvedic Eco Ashram in India. That too was an incredible experience, that rippled through my life and allowed me to grow tremendously.

    Is Yoga also suitable for children? What is Yoga for children like and how can they start?
    Yoga with children can be made very playful and you can adapt certain asanas for them and also tell fun stories around them. There's no limit to the imagination here. In general, I find it very important to design individual courses for different age groups, and have trained teachers, because there's lots to watch out for during the growth phase of a child.
    If this is granted, yoga can be a huge benefit for children of all ages. It teaches them awareness of their own body and bring calm into their life.


    Yoga with children can be made very playful e.g. by telling fun stories around certain asanas

    How has being a mother changed you? What are some of the things that are important to yourself

    My priorities have changed completely. I'm much more aware of what is actually important and take care of myself much more. Even though i´m an empathic person in general, I do feel that being a mom has made me have more understanding for other people.

    But I also need enough time for myself. I need my rest periods and moments alone. I also find it really vital to have time and attention for other topics and people. It can't all just be about the kids and being a mom. Friends, my partner and other projects are important too, because I feel that only this way can I be a balanced, happy and content mother.

    How do you find your centre again when things get overwhelming? What can parents do to feel in balance?

    By spending time alone!  Time-outs and rest periods that I can only use for myself are absolutely essential. No matter how stressful life with kids can get - personal hobbies and activities should never come too short.
    Often a little time-out like taking a warm bath, a small meditation or a nice walk can be enough. It's about getting outside, breathing deeeeply and finding your inner calm again when everything around you gets too noisy and messy. I also find it very helpful to take a moment for oneself at the beginning or end of the day to reflect. Write down for what you are thankful, state an intent for the next day or tell yourself a few kind words. This kind of mindfulness is a huge benefit for me and really helps me to stay happy.

    And when you don't seem to find any time for these things, then just breathe. It doesn't sound so significant, but has a wonderful effect. In our everyday lives, we rarely breathe deeply in and out. We breathe in a shallow and unconscious way. By breathing more slowly and deeply, we tell our body to relax and can send more PRANA - our life energy - into every cell of our body.
    The best thing about breathing is that you don't need any time, money or a special place for it. All you need is already in you.

    How would you define motherhood in one word?
    A roller coaster ride



    Being a mom means riding a roller coaster every day

    What do you do in your free time?

    Mostly Yoga and getting outside into nature… simply going for a walk, being present, just by myself. Since a short time I'm trying out DIYs and upcycling projects to beautify our home.

    And every now and then, I also like to do absolutely nothing :)

    What female role models inspire you?
    Women from my daily life. Those that I actually know. Some of my friends, my moms, fearless doers that still allow themselves to show their vulnerable side.

    What does sustainability mean to you and how does it show in your everyday life?

    Sustainability for me means, living in sync with the environment to the best of your knowledge and ability. Taking the bike instead of the car as often as possible, buying organic fruits and vegetables, choosing fair- instead of fast-fashion and taking reusable bags are the most common examples. The most important thing when it comes to sustainability is to develop a consciousness for it and to start thinking differently. To be clear about the impact of your actions and your consumption on this world.

    It's not about being perfect right away, but about many small steps. It's about becoming a role model instead of judging others, and about a happy life where you take care of yourself and your surroundings. Mindfulness is the key word here again. Sustainability to me also means having a balanced and happy attitude, to be proud of yourself instead of criticizing yourself. Because what we think and feel is what we also pass on to the environment and out fellow human beings.

    How did you find out about Orbasics? And why did you become a customer?

    Actually through Instagram. I was always on the lookout for fair kids clothing alternatives and bought lots of pieces second-hand. But often my personal taste didn't really match what I could find. Since my son has quite a sensitive skin, I always tried to find high-quality and simple kids fashion that we both loved and that was also affordable.

    Orbasics actually caught my attention a while ago and I was fascinated because the design was so wonderfully simple and timeless. Without any nick-nack, just authentic. Just like us. When I held the first piece in my hand, I was simply blown away. The shirt felt so unbelievably soft, just like other moms told me. The fact that it is also produced under fair conditions and made from high-quality materials was an absolute jackpot for us.


    Christin about Orbasics: "When I held the first piece in my hand, I was simply blown away"

    What are your favourite products for kids?

    When it comes to your collection: For sure the Longsleeves! (I also saw that you will release a line of shorts soon and absolutely cannot wait for them to come out.)

    Besides that I have to say that our child is the most happy pretending to be wild animals, playing in the dirt and water outside, touching and exploring everything. For that it doesn´t need much. A few children's books and toys are enough for a child to be happy, and for fantasy to go wild.
    When it comes to body care we only use natural cosmetics and oils, which are perfect for nourishing sensitive skin.
    I actually always find it remarkable how little kids really needs, but how much us parents still end up buying. Here too we try to be as sustainable as possible. We don't buy too many things, shop second-hand, and exchange and borrow with other families.

    What do you wish for yourself in the future?
    To make it short: Courage, Trust and Health.
    These are the really important things for my future with my family, my work and the environment.


    Take a deep breath and try to relaxe

    Thank you so much for this wonderful and honest interview, Christin. Finding our inner balance as moms is not always so easy and we will definitely try out all your advice in the future. Thank you for sharing your experiences of yoga and mindfulness, we really hope that we can share some of your calm and wisdom with other moms. In any case, you really inspired us! We wish you, your family and the new baby all the best for the future!

    If you would also like to chat with us about your life, simply write to us at




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