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    Sustainable Gifts for 2 year olds: 20 Ultimate Gift Ideas

    Are you looking for gifts for gifts for 2 year olds, but don't want to give environmentally harmful plastic toys that will get boring after one play session? Then you've come to the right place! Fortunately, there are many sustainable gift ideas for a 2nd birthday that will surely leave a lasting impression on our little ones.

    The 2nd birthday is an important milestone for mother, child, and the rest of the family. That's why it's even more important that the child's birthday becomes an unforgettable experience. Of course, the perfect gift for a 2nd birthday is essential for bright-eyed children! But finding that isn't always easy. Gifts for 2 year olds often adhere to gender norms, contain microplastics, and are of poor quality, designed to break down after a few months. In addition, gifts from large providers are usually not tailored to the individual needs of your child.

    It is important to choose gifts made from environmentally friendly materials and from sustainable companies to minimize our ecological footprint. Another factor is the long lifespan of the gifts. It is more sensible to choose a few, but long-lasting gifts, rather than many short-lived gifts that will be quickly discarded. All of these factors should be taken into account when selecting gifts for a 2nd birthday, to make the day an unforgettable experience for the child and the parents.

    To find best toys as a sustainable gift for your children, grandchildren, or friends' toddlers this year, here are the most beautiful gift ideas for 2 year olds:

    • Traditional toy as a solid wood toy made from sustainably grown wood and free of harmful chemicals.

    • An eco-friendly wooden or cardboard puzzle that can be used for a long time.

    • A sustainable children's book that promotes love for nature and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

    • A set of refillable markers or watercolors to avoid using disposable art supplies.

    • A biodegradable rocking horse or other type of rocking toy made from sustainable materials.

    • A set of sustainable building blocks or building toys to encourage creativity and fine tune gross motor skills.

    • A sustainable musical instrument, such as a wooden bell or a box of wooden musical instruments, to promote the child's musicality.

    • A sustainable piece of clothing made from biodegradable materials such as cotton, linen, or hemp.

    There are many ways to find sustainable gifts for a 2nd birthday. It is important to pay attention to materials, manufacturing processes, and the sustainability of the company to find a valuable gift that can be used for a long time and is environmentally friendly.

    We now give you a mixed selection of sustainable, long-lasting gifts regardless of gender. We also show you which shops you can support with a clear conscience!

    What should I consider when buying gifts for a 2nd birthday?

    Unlike on the 1st birthday, your little one has developed new skills at 2 years old: vocabulary and motor skills have developed. This includes walking, climbing, or balancing. You can support these newly acquired skills with your gift for a 2nd birthday! Fine motor skills have also developed and can be expressed, for example, in your child's ability to button or unbutton, unscrew the lid of a jar of jam, or, of course, open gifts for a 2nd birthday!

    Keep in mind that for best toys as a gift for a 2nd birthday, neither the financial value nor the quantity of gifts is of great importance. Often, you can make your little one's face light up with a small gift. Sustainable gifts for toddlers include educational toys, preferably made from environmentally friendly materials. Books on the environment or clever wooden puzzles are also a great gift idea for a 2nd birthday. But let's take a look at some specific examples!

    The most beautiful toys for 2 year olds


    The search for the perfect environmentally friendly gifts for 2 year olds starts with the choice of company. Make sure you support sustainable stores and providers. Maybe you even have a sustainable store in your area that offers children's toys? If not, ask at a bulk store or organic store in your area, or exchange ideas with other families!

    Of course, it's also not a problem if you can't find anything in your area. There are many online stores that place great value on sustainability, from production to delivery. A well-known example is the Avocadostore*. There you will find products for all occasions, including sustainable gifts for 2 year olds. Similarly, at Elfenstall, you will find everything from bathroom items, to fashion, to books, and personalized sustainable gift ideas for children. Also check out echtkindGrünes Spielzeug, Hans Natur*, Maman et bebe, rasselfisch or neogrün!

    To save you the long browsing and contemplation, we have already selected 20 meaningful, sustainable, and minimalist gifts for a 2nd birthday for you, which also provide inspiration for gifts for children from 2 years of age:

    Gift ideas for green toys


    • Finger paint set*: Do you want to promote the fine motor skills and creativity of your kids? These sustainably and fairly produced finger paint encourages imaginative play and works on paper, cardboard, glass, or stone and are the perfect gift for a 2nd birthday for all creative minds.

    • Musical toy: How about sound blocks* as a gift for aspiring music geniuses? Tell sound stories, conduct rhythm exercises, or just let your child try it out.

    • Playing blocks* made of wood: Ever heard of wooden blocks with an integrated magnet? With this gift, there are no limits to your child's play and endless combination possibilities through playful learning.

    • Balance board*: While our little ones have to wait a little longer for skateboarding or longboarding, a balance board is perfect for developing balance and coordination skills. Bonus points: the board can be used indoors and outdoors, is free of toxins, and is completely recyclable.

    • Play doh as a sustainable gift for children: Clay is a lot of fun for most little kids and kids learn fine motor skills and spatial imagination! The Easy Set from neogrün* contains two colors and is affordable, so it's perfect to test how it goes.

    Books as gift ideas for a 2nd birthday

    "The Ocean Adventure"*: This book allows young children (2 years and up) to dive into the world of marine animals. Authors Lehmann and Snuggs give your little ones an insight into the theme of the sea and the environment. The book can also be personalized upon request.

    "A Tree for Piet"*: This book (2 years and up) lovingly and age-appropriately explains to young children how trees grow and why they are important to us. It follows the adventures of squirrel Piet as it experiences all four seasons.

    "My Garden Friends. The little bee"*: An ecologically produced cardboard book that teaches young children about the role of bees and other creatures in the garden through rhymes.

    "How do I help the environment?"*: This book is part of the "Why? What? Why?" series and is very clear thanks to flaps and tactile elements. This edition deals with the first encounter with the theme of environmental protection.

    "Search and Discover, The Seasons": This interactive tiptoi book allows young children to learn about the four seasons through a combination of images, colors, sounds, and songs, bringing even more joy to reading time.

    Sophisticated puzzles as a gift for a 2nd birthday:

    XXL Jungle Puzzle*: Sustainable puzzle fun full of animal motifs, in high-quality packaging.

    Geometric Jigsaw Puzzle*: A slightly different puzzle, with guaranteed learning effect. The jigsaw puzzle allows for an easy introduction to working with geometric shapes. It also promotes color development!

    Magnetic ABC puzzle and chalkboard*: Magnetic and chalkboards as gifts for a 2nd birthday are great for satisfying your child's curiosity and at the same time playfully promoting the recognition of shapes and letters.

    Wooden sorting box by Woodenstory*. There are many reasons why it makes sense for your child to learn which shapes fit together. But one thing is certain: it is a lot of fun to find out if the round really has to go into the corner. The high quality wooden toy is perfectly smooth and has a finish of beeswax and plant oils. It is free of harmful chemicals and was made from sustainably grown wood in a family business in the Carpathians.

    More ideas for gifts for a 2nd birthday:


    • Dino tattoos*: A super cool sustainable gift for a 2nd birthday for all dinosaur fans. The tattoos come in recycled paper instead of plastic, which is not only better for your skin, but also for the planet!

    • Plush toy or pillow: This cuddly neck pillow* in animal optics is a sustainable gift idea for little adventurers who may soon be allowed to go on their first trip or long car ride.

    • A play clock: This play clock made of fine organic cotton* stuffed animal is the perfect gift idea for a 2nd birthday to upgrade your child's evening routine. It plays classic melodies and goodnight songs.

    • Dishes or cutlery: The older your children get, the more attentive they will be at the breakfast table. And if Mom or Dad has their own coffee mug, the youngest one wants one too. Here you will find acup with a cute animal motif*.

    • Marble run as a gift idea for a 2nd birthday: The marble run* from Berlin family business Kindsgut is guaranteed to bring a lot of joy and look good while doing it. Your child can develop a sense of speed and forces and improve dexterity and combinatorial skills. The discreet colors make it a great eye-catcher in your home!

    • Tricycle: Would you like something a little more expensive? Then the wooden tricycle "Vespa"* by Pinolino could be a great choice - the very own scooter guarantees sparkling children's eyes! The tricycle of the German company has a wooden frame and is made of natural materials. It has a handlebar and seat height adjustable in four stages and is suitable for children from the age of two.

    • Durability and sustainability are important factors to consider when choosing clothing as a gift for children. Look for GOTS-certified clothing that is free of harmful chemicals and gentle on the skin. You can also consider second-hand children's clothing as a sustainable option. There are many online shops that offer organic children's clothing, such as Orbasics. By opting for sustainable and durable clothing, you can help reduce waste and protect the environment while still finding stylish and practical gifts for children.

    Sustainable and stress-free children's birthday party


    Photo @Paige Cody @unsplash

    To make the rest of the child's birthday sustainable and stress-free, we have linked our article on eco-friendly kids party here. There you will find sustainable ideas for invitations, the right timing, decoration, games, food, goodie bags, and other activities. A great idea is also to playfully explain the topic of sustainability to children. For example, through a creative painting activity on the subject of the environment or reading from a sustainable children's book.

    Oh, and there's also the matter of wrapping the gifts. Of course, you can use sustainable gift wrapping paper for the wrapping. Zero waste when gift wrapping? That's possible too! Read our article on how to wrap gifts without producing any more waste.

    So a sustainable gift for a 2nd birthday is not so hard to find after all. Have you already decided? Or do you have another sustainable gift idea that we have forgotten? Please let us know in the comments!

    Feel free to check out our article on sustainable Christmas gifts for children for even more great ideas for children's gifts!

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