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    19 Ideas for sustainable Christmas gifts for your kids!

    Finding sustainable Christmas gifts for kids is easier than it might seem at first! Doing away with plastic becomes easy for example, when we look into options made from wood, paper or cotton. If you love to create, craft and sew things yourself, then you can even make very personal and sustainable Christmas gifts for kids yourself! You can find some great examples and ideas on Pinterest.

    But if you don't find the time during the hectic Christmas season, then don't worry! We've selected our very favourite sustainable Christmas gifts for kids and hope that you find something that you (but especially your kids and their friends) love. So let's get inspired!
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    • They see me rolling… ! With this wooden tricycle or wooden scooter your kids will certainly belong to the coolest gang in the neighborhood ;)
    • In the cosy winter time your kids need the matching cosy sweater of course! Our Oh-So-Cosy Sweater is the perfect item for relaxed winter days on the sofa!

    Orbasics sustainable christmas gift

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    • And of course kids need the matching item on the bottom too. Whoever is looking for the softest fabric for children's legs will find exactly what they need with our sustainable Oh-So-Easy Pants.
    • Let's fly! These gorgeously designed planes and helicopters by Pinch Toys turn every child's room into an adventure.
    • Wooden riddles for bigger kids are great for the mind and the perfect idea when it comes to sustainable Christmas gifts for kids.
    • An absolute classic, the Book The Neverending Story. In the beginning you can also read it to your little ones and it will certainly make their eyes spark!
    • This cute and sustainable sheep can be played with during daytime, and cuddled with during nighttime.

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    • For those already going to Kindergarten or school, we've found this backpack made from recycled PET bottles. Super cool right?!
    • Who said only adults can wear them? This super stylish belt bag for kids is not just for storing keys or pocket money, but also other treasures!
    • Bibabox makes creative and sustainable Christmas gifts for kids from cardboard instead of plastic, and every item is actually fully recyclable!
    • Real children tools to fix, hammer and assemble things promote the creativity and motor skills of every girl and boy.
    • These sustainable play-sets for kids by Playmais teach your kids important motor skills and motivate them to keep on playing with many moments of success.
    • Kids love to go camping and sleep in cosy tents! Here they feel protected and have no limits to let their fantasy roam around!
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    • For little scientists but also for adults: with this weather monitoring station your kids will learn about weather phenomena and be able to make their own scientific experiments.
    • Wow, what a cute and wonderful little farm with a train track - a beautiful alternative to any plastic toys!
    • All kids love to be creative. How about this pretty set of wooden pearls that allows your little ones to create necklaces and bracelets?
    • For future musicians: One of the classics for children's instruments is a wooden flute. Along with that, you could gift a music course or some helpful course material. For those who are not into flutes, a Ukulele for kids could be a great alternative.

    What did we say? Sustainable Christmas gifts for kids are not that hard to find! Sometimes we have to be a bit creative, but in the end, sustainable gifts are absolutely worth it: our little ones and their friends will have more healthy materials and more creative things to play with, and us adults know that we are not causing unnecessary harm with our presents. Merry sustainable Christmas to everyone!

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