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    These 5 fun yoga poses for kids are good for your little ones

    Most of us can probably afford to slow down and enjoy a long inhale of relaxing breath once in a while. In a life stuffed with big TO DO lists and daily family chaos, yoga provides a calming space to catch a break. As we learn more about the benefits of yoga, its presence and popularity has grown. Not only has yoga become a staple for adults, but yoga for children is increasingly common as well.

    Yoga for kids is growing in schools, at home, and in studios. Children do not have the same focus and attention as adults, so yoga series and yoga poses for children differ from those for adults. With a few minor twists on traditional yoga for adults, we can connect with our little ones and teach them children yoga poses that are just right for their little bodies and growing minds.

    If you're looking for a fun, yet relaxing way to spend time with your children, grab some comfy clothes and teach your children yoga poses from which you can benefit together. Try some of these children's yoga poses that are sure to delight as a fun, family activity.


    Children yoga poses

    Benefit together from the time you are spending with yoga

    Tree Pose

    Standing tall, tuck the bottom of one foot on the inside of the other leg. Hold your hands together at your heart and your chest proud.

    Every child can pretend to act like a tree. This fun pose requires a bit of balance while also encouraging children to take up space in a strong and powerful way, much like the trees that speckle our landscape.

    Airplane Pose

    Fly like an airplane with your child. Standing on one foot, press the bottom of the other foot back and toward the wall behind you with a straight leg. Hold your hands in a prayer position at your heart and slowly lean forward at the waist. If you're feeling strong, float your arms back at an angle like the wings of an airplane.

    Many children love airplanes and rejoice in the exercise of pretending to fly. While building strength, balance and body awareness, kids can send their imagination soaring through the sky.


    children yoga poses yoga Übungen für kinderThe best about yoga? You can practice it everywhere you want!

    Boat Pose

    Float through calming waters together in boat pose with your little one. Sitting on the floor, lean back slightly and hold your legs straight out and up in the air at an angle. Reach your arms gently toward your toes. Engage your abdominal muscles to hold the position and protect your back. This is a great children's yoga pose that is perfect to build core strength, balance and coordination.

    Downward-Facing Dog

    Flip updown in this beginner-level inversion pose. With hands and feet on the ground, push your hips back and up toward the sky. Inversion poses refresh blood flow through the body and feel great. If your children have good balance, they may even be able to try a three-legged downward-facing dog pose by lifting one of their legs up toward the sky.



    All time classic: The Downward-Facing Dog

    Happy Baby Pose

    This is such a fun pose for kids and adults alike. Lying on your back, bend your knees and gently push the bottom of your feet toward the floor with your hands so your knees move toward the floor on each side of your body.

    If your children want to wiggle around a bit, encourage them to rock back and forth from side to side and pay attention to the little stretch they feel in their hips. We hold a lot of stress in our hips, so this can be a great way for children to use children yoga poses to release some of that tension.

    children yoga poses yoga Übungen für kinder

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    While you practice yoga and teach your children yoga poses like the ones above, consider encouraging them to discuss the body parts that are bending, folding, and flexing. Practice differentiating right and left sides. Yoga teaches body awareness and additional discussions about the poses can reinforce their learning.

    Yoga is a great meditative activity as well. Children may not sit for extending time periods in silence, but doing a series of intentional stretches together is a great kid-friendly meditative alternative. In our ethically-manufactured, comfy and organic cotton pants and tops, are perfect for trying children yoga poses for the first time!








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