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    #MOTHERSTORIES - Laura from Potsdam about balancing work and family

    We love to get to know the people who choose Orbasics for their kids. In our series #MOTHERSTORIES we ask you: How do you live? What moves you? How do you view the world we live in? Today, we present to you the super friendly Laura from Potsdam. She is a master of balances: balancing work and family, between two cities, between being a mom and being herself. Read on to get to know her!

    Introducing... Laura from Potsdam

    balancing work and family

    Dear Laura, you commute between Potsdam and Berlin. How can we imagine your daily life? 

    I work as an active sourcer for a big company. Four times a week I work from home in Potsdam and only once a week I'm in the office in Berlin. Thanks to my employer’s flexibility, I can work 35 hours a week and still have enough time for my child. Balancing work and family can be tough sometimes, but with this structure it is much easier. My then boyfriend’s and now husband’s studies in movie animation brought us to Potsdam back in the days. I followed him to Potsdam but I still love Berlin just as much as my new home.


    What is the biggest surprise when having children?

    The lack of sleep… honestly, no one prepares you for that [laughs].

    But seriously: the unconditional love you feel for your child. There's no way you can imagine how that will feel before. All of a sudden there is someone for whom you would do anything to care for them.


    What did you learn from your child?

    To appreciate the little things, like water drops or ants.

    balancing work and family

    You have a son. Typical boy, typical girl: is there such a thing? How do you see the question of gender?

    I believe that children should feel like they can be anything they want. My son sometimes wants to put on make-up, and he loves nail polish. When people around me say things like ‘these are already some tendencies’, I get upset and angry.


    And you as parents: how equal are you and how do you make sure that you are both balancing work and family?

    For us, 50/50 actually works well because of our flexible jobs. Two times a week, my husband picks Theo up from daycare, twice it's my turn and on Fridays we usually pick him up together. We also share domestic duties between the two of us: My husband is the family cook and takes care of the kitchen in general. I clean the bathroom and tidy up the flat. Unfortunately, family-friendly employers are still not the rule. But for us, our flexible working hours and the home office make equality in our relationship and balancing work and family possible.


    What does sustainability mean to you and how does it show in your everyday life?

    We as a family think about sustainability a lot. When choosing products, we consider if it is fair trade, if it is environmentally friendly. We choose products that will last and don't need to be replaced often. And I opt for products that are easy to repair because of their high quality. 

    When it comes to shopping, we try to shop as plastic-free as possible. This can be a real challenge. We notice on a daily basis how hard it is to shop plastic-free if you don’t go to the organic supermarket or no-plastic supermarket. But we managed to reduce our plastic waste to about half a bin a week. And we're trying to cut that further. Also I think it's great that the transportation routes are short because the garments are produced in Portugal under good social conditions. I love and support this transparency.  balancing work and family

    The best sustainable product in your opinion?

    Because I like to drink coffee, it's definitely my Recup to go cup. You create a lot less waste when you establish the habit of taking it with you.  And even though it's a classic, reusable cloth bags are very important to me.


    Why are you an Orbasics customer? Which of our products do you like best?

    A friend of mine is a mum blogger and told me about Orbasics. Checking the website, I noticed the great balance between price and quality.  A lot of sustainable labels are expensive. What I like about Orbasics is how quality, price and design are in balance - plus the simple elegance of the garments. Also, the pieces can be combined easily. My favorite item is definitely the Oh-So-Easy Pants. They are super comfortable! Our son loves to move, climb, run all the time, and he just needs clothes that let him do so. And these pants definitely do!


    Two very short questions: the best children’s book?

    Let me think a minute: we have a lot of children’s books and discover great new books all the time. One of the best children’s books that spontaneously comes to my mind is ‘The Biggest House in the World’ by Leo Lionni. It is about a snail living in a small house. The snail is unhappy and it would like to have a bigger house. In the end, the story shows that life is about the simple things. About being happy with what you have and that having too much can be a burden.

    balancing work and family

    Best place in Potsdam with and without kids?

    The Buga-Park! The Remisenpark and Waldpark (deserted parts of the Buga-Park) have great opportunities for kids to be wild. Here you can roll in dirt, building log houses, watching animals. The best place in Potsdam without kids… when the weather is not good, definitely Miss Green Bean. A super beautiful, cozy cafe with a living room atmosphere offering organic coffee and tasty bowls and smoothies.


    What are your wishes and plans for yourself and your family in the next 5 years?

    Lots and lots of quality time! That we keep on balancing work and family well. That we stay a family that talks about everything, where nobody has to feel ashamed. And where all members have the feeling that there is a solution to any problem. As for society, I wish for more open-mindedness, tolerance, less selfishness, but being attentive to one's surroundings. I often observe that we look at our phones way too often. I wish for more awareness and consciousness. We are not living in isolation, but we all have responsibility for other people and creatures in general.

    balancing work an family

    Thank you Laura!

    On her Instagram, Laura shares more insights into her thoughts and daily life. Next time we visit Potsdam, we know where to go! By the way, Laura also told us what Orbasics piece she would like to see next: a light jacket that is thrown over on chilly when summer evenings. All we can say to that: our new Zip-It-Up-Sweater might be just what she thought of. Dear Laura, thank you so much for this interview!


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