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Wie erkläre ich Kindern Rassismus I Familiar Faces

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How do we ensure that our children grow up in a world without racism? How can we empower anti-racism in children, remove prejudice and create equal opportunities for BIPoC children?

This children's book on diversity provides parents, caregivers and interested adults with the necessary tools to teach anti-racism to children - from infancy through adolescence. It includes basic information as well as many practical tips on how to talk to your child about racism and raise awareness in white children. 

This valuable book also includes a glossary of important terms that you can use together to learn more about racism and its effects. Finally, in this children's book about diversity, author Josephine Apraku shows what it takes to work together in solidarity to challenge racism. Contributions from various BIPoC authors on the different forms of racism provide concrete approaches and important impulses.

The publishing project Familiar Faces is run by Marie von dem Berge and Yvonn Barth. The two publish books for children, parents, adults and all families. The program stands for diversity, good illustrations and books that give every child and family a positive self-image and invite new narratives. For the production of their books, they use only certified recycled paper from sustainable production and organic inks for printing.



  • Softcover / cover with 2 flaps
  • Format 16 x 21 cm / 80 pages
  • Author: Daniela Thörner
  • With contributions by Nils Pickert, Aileen Puhlmann and Linus Giese and a foreword by Gabriela Temesgen, Tuğba Tanyılmaz and Edwin Greve


  • Certified recycled paper from sustainable production printed with organic inks

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