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Do you also still keep an old friendship book deep down somewhere in your drawer? This friendship book by Halfbird is a wonderful way for your little one to form their own memories with their closest buddies. The main idea of this friendship book is that friendships are as colorful and diverse as people are. Every page is unique so that each friend can pick their favorite page and go crazy with drawings, photos, stickers and words!

Halfbird is a Frankfurt-based label that creates the funnest and quirkiest collections of stickers, patches, paperwork and much more. It was started by Mona - a mom herself - who puts a lot of emphasis on making sure her collections are as fair and transparent as possible. Each product is handmade in a local manufactory in Frankfurt from high quality, long lasting and sustainable materials.


  • we recommend it from 4 years
  • content 150g recycled paper
  • with community pages and birthday calendar


  • Hardcover made of Surbalin FSC certified
  • Content 150g recycled paper

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