Amber Baby Necklace - Lemon

AMBER Collection by Orbasics

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The most natural and charming way to soothe sore gums when the teeth are coming through. This teething necklace is made from baltic amber that is 100% certified, allergy-friendly and quick drying. Your little one will love the natural touch of the baltic amber teething necklace  and the multicolored stones. And even when the teething phase is long over, the necklace can be kept as a gorgeous accessory for both girls and boys.
The baltic amber teething necklace is manufactured by a certified Lithuanian producing facility. For your child‘s safety, each bead is individually knotted so that not all beads come off at once. Supervision by moms and dads is recommended at all times when your little one is wearing or playing with the necklace.


  • 32-33 cm / ~ 12.80" length
  • Weight ~4.5 g
  • Beads size Ø 4 - 6 mm
  • Finish Polished


  • 100 % Natural Certified Baltic Amber

When available, here are our standard delivery times:

Germany: 3 - 5 days
Europe: 5 - 10 days
Rest of world: It's hard to tell exact global delivery times, but in our experience, it takes around 5 - 20 days for most countries.
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