Charlott lives with her friend and her daughter in the beautiful city of Leipzig. Together, they live a “slowfamily” lifestyle. Sustainability and minimalism already played a big role in their lives before their daughter was born. Now, even more. Her personal mission is to make the world a better place for all grandkids.



When I wake up...

… i have a few relaxed minutes by myself in bed to slowly prepare for the day. My marriage-friend and my daughter leave me some quietness in the morning and start the day with dad-daughter-quality-time.

One simple thing I do to be sustainable

… I always hang a mini travel towel onto my backpack. It's great because you always have a cloth handy, which is super practical when you have kids and no longer need to bring paper towels with you.


My favorite quote to live by

What's good for our families is good for our planet, too.