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    #HEROES - Linda about style, superpowers and sustainability

    “Everybody is a hero in their own story if you just look.” - Maeve Binchy. 

    At Orbasics we believe that everybody is a hero. We love to be inspired by someone's style, attitude and commitment to a good cause and to ask ourselves: “Wait, what is their secret? What is this certain something that is so inspiring?” This question is the starting point for our new series #HEROES, where we meet our daily heroes.

    Introducing Linda...

    The opener for this series is Linda, stylist from Berlin and the voice behind Lookslikeberlin. On Instagram, she loves to inspire us with colorful outfits and share impressions of her and her kids: the beautiful Malaika, Naemi and Omari. Unpopular topics don’t scare her, such as talking about menstruation with her oldest daughter - and she advocates for sustainability in fashion whenever she can. Her outfits are iconic and always tested for adapting to daily life. This is also what makes Linda the perfect ambassador for our first line of cozy women swear (which by the way you can preorder here.)

    This is Linda, mom and stylist from Berlin

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    20 years ago, Linda and her mother came to Berlin from Kenya. Since then, she has loved this city, which always keeps on reinventing itself. Just like Linda, who made her passion for invention a profession. Today, she is a stylist from Berlin and showroom manager at blackbird.

    Following her motto: “All I do, I do with love”, she tells us her superpower, what she would change in the world and her tips for sustainable shopping.

    1. Dear Linda, we already know some facts about you through your blog. How would your children describe you? 

    I asked my daughter Malaika. She says I am strict and loving.

    2. What is your superpower? 

    I am not afraid to show weakness or to ask for help. That helps me not to lose myself and stay on top of everything.

    3. If you had the power to change one thing in the world - what would it be? 

    Definitely our healthcare system. Every person should have a right to insurance - free of charge.

    4. What is your first thought in the morning after getting up? 

    What is the agenda for today?

    Stylist-from-Berlin-Stylistin-Berlin-Orbasics-02Copyright @lookslikeberlin

    5. We love your style. How would you describe your look? 

    My look is very varied and colorful. A mix of urban and chic with a touch of vintage. My style is either over the top or a scandi-like understatement. I don’t like to follow trends, but try to stay true to my style. 

    6. How did you start sharing your looks via Instagram and on your blog?

    I owe my passion and love for fashion to my fashion-conscious mum. I learned a lot from looking at her and I loved her style. At some point, I got to know my friend Jules who wanted to take photos of me for her blog. I loved her blog so much! Spontaneously, while drinking wine and talking, we started a blog for me and gave it the name Looks like Berlin. That was almost 7 years ago. Shortly after I also discovered Instagram, where I share what inspires me as a stylist from Berlin.   

    7. Would you say that your style has changed since you became a mother?

    My style changed a lot. It is a lot more laid-back and comfortable now. I only put on high heels for occasions.                                                                                   


    8. Where do you search for inspiration? 

    I still like to shuffle through fashion magazines like Vogue and Milk Magazine. Plus I look to Pinterest for inspiration.  

    9. Which piece is essential in your wardrobe?

    Tough question! I have to name two pieces because I just can’t decide: Mom fit jeans and leather jacket! I think these are both great pieces, and they match almost any look. 

    10. We love your kids’ outfits. Where do you prefer to shop for them?

      I have been sensitive to sustainability for some years now. I shop on Mamikreisel or in second hand shops. Apart from that, I like to support Berlin labels such as MONKIND or Noé & Zoë. I think these are incredibly great labels! 

      Copyright @lookslikeberlin

      11. What is important to you when buying kids’ clothes? 

        I want the pieces to be stylish, yet comfortable. I also care about the material of a garment a lot! 

        12. Do you have tips for other parents about styling or materials? 

          Do you know the saying: ‘you buy cheap - you buy twice’? I recommend not always making the price first priority, but the material. It is important to ask from about the material if you are going to put it on your children. Most often, pieces from good material live longer and you can pass them siblings or friends. I love basics and gender-neutral pieces. They are so practical! You can wear basics on any occasion, if you combine them creatively. We have basics in a lot of colors. 

          13. The question that is never asked: If you could wish for a question, which would it be - and what would be the answer? 

            What do you believe in? I believe in god. My faith is very important to me.

            Stylist-from-Berlin-Stylistin-Berlin-Orbasics-03Copyright @lookslikeberlin

            We are in love with Linda’s spirit and style that never fails to attract and inspire us. Linda is singular, down to earth, always true to herself and our absolute favorite stylist from Berlin. We are proud to have her company and support on our new path and thank her for this interview! 



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            Nathalie is living her dream. With her 5-year-old son, she set out to explore the world as a single mom. She made a brave move and bought a one-way ticket to SouthEast Asia after 10 years in Berlin. True to this burst of courage, she took the step to become a freelancer and is working as a remote freelance writer. 

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