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    9 Ideas to Organize Kids Clothes

    Let’s be honest, life with kids can get a little messy sometimes. So are we not all looking for ways to organize kids clothes in a better way? The brilliant thing is, there are loads of routines and hacks out there to make family life easier and more organized. In this article, we give you 9 valuable hacks on how to organize kids clothes to save space, time and some valued nerves.

    We’re sure that your kids will also profit from these small changes. Because the sooner the little ones learn to independently choose and organize their clothes, the better. Independence not only eases your life – it also plays an important role in your kids development. So let’s get tidy and learn the best ways to organize kids clothes!

    1. Fight the chaos as a team

    Most people - be it children or adults - find it easiest to keep a system they developed themselves. Organizing the clothes together and in a way that is logical for them is therefore essential. The more you get them involved in the process, the more likely they will be able to follow the system later. It’s a great idea to jointly ponder on the following ideas and possibilities. And if you think of the clean-up as a fun activity with your children, they’ll be even more happy to keep the space tidy in the long run!

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    2. Tidiness at eye level

    Organizing kids clothes is done to perfection when children don’t need their parents every time they want to try on a new outfit. Allowing them to get dressed themselves gives them independence and the space to develop their own style and organization.
    Keeping all important clothes at eye level is one of the smartest ways to give them this freedom. Make sure that rails, compartments and drawers are no taller than your kids and give them a small chair so that they can put on their shoes themselves. If their current closet is simply too high for them to reach all compartments, a stool can also be of help.

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    3. Overview instead of confusion

    Nobody wants to face a rummage table every time they open their closet. Only if all pieces are well organized and visible, your kids won’t be overwhelmed by daily sensory overload. You can never go wrong with a few extra boxes, compartments and drawers to break up the space and divide clothes into their categories.
    When it comes to folding and organizing kids clothes, there is no better method than the one developed by the tidying-up queen Marie Kondo! She has some great ideas for kids inspired by the KonMari method. Her method includes folding all clothes into small packages that can stand inside a drawer. This way, you have a detailed overview of everything, making outfit picking easy peasy.


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    4. How about a Kid Capsule Wardrobe?

    You probably know this already, but we’ll tell you one more time: a lot of the time, less is more.
    So how about a Capsule Wardrobe for your kids? Some selected, simple pieces in easily combined colors will make it effortless to agree on the daily outfit dispute. If you sort the clothes by season, you can also save space by letting the not-needed items disappear for a few months. Stuffed in labelled boxes or vacuum bags, they will enjoy a little rest on top of the closet until they can be worn again. If you sort the clothes by size, you will avoid lots of work when some of them get too small or you want to pass them on.

    5. Yours or mine?

    Siblings love to discuss what’s theirs and what’s not, while for the parents, these fights can be super exhausting. A clear division between siblings clothes can help. Separate closets, drawers or compartments help to avoid conflict and arguments. Also, if each child can have their very own system and routine, their feeling of independence will be strengthened.


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    6. Use the storage

    Are you asking yourself right now if you need to go on a shopping spree to follow all these tips? Don’t panic! Let us ensure you: there’s plenty of little hacks to make the most of the existing space before investing in more furniture. Did you know that a door handle can be a little space-saving miracle? A hanging laundry bag or shoe rack can give you lots of additional space.

    7. Develop an intelligent system

    To organize kids clothes the right way, develop a system so smart that tidiness comes automatically! Labelling baskets, drawers, boxes and compartments will have a huge effect. A set place for worn but clean laundry and a dirty laundry basket can save you from drowning in clothes outside the closet. This way, you’ll keep your kids from tearing only fresh clothes out of the closet or wearing the same undies for weeks. Both of which have happened surely before…


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    8. Make labelling age-appropriate

    You want to organize your closet by labelling everything but your children aren’t able to read just yet? No problem, try icons! Simply create labels showing t-shirts, socks, trousers etc. and stick them onto the corresponding boxes, compartments or drawers. The beautifully drawn wardrobe stickers by Gretas Schwester are a cute alternative to self made labels. You could also use boxes in different colors. Systems like this again foster your children's independence and help the ones in nursery not to be dependent on their older, school-aged siblings. Last idea: try a combination of icons and words. That way, you might even help your kids a little with learning how to read.

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    9. Lastly: Get creative!

    Often, little changes in your kids’ room can bring plenty of benefits and help you make organizing kids clothes a worry-free matter. You need another clothing rail but the kids closet is too small? Try installing the Ikea spice rack upside down before buying a new one. You don’t want to buy separate hangers for trousers? Make your own by using clothes pegs on your normal ones. It’s all about getting creative. The whole process calls for a day of arts and crafts, and we promise that all of you will be more passionate about (un)dressing again afterwards! The only limit is your imagination.

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    So these were our 9 hacks on how to organize kids clothes. We hope you’re all full of inspiration and thirst for action when it comes to organizing your little one’s closets. Just don’t forget to involve them in the process. If you go about it cleverly and play your cards right, the whole process can be a lot of fun and help you grow an even tighter bond.

    But be careful: Organizing your kids clothes can lead to more independent behavior, less stress between your kids and more time in your family life for the things that count! 

    In case you’re just about to start organizing your household career, here’s some more inspiring hacks :

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