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    #GOODTHING: Löwenzahn Organics makes organic baby food

    Certified organic baby food from Berlin? That´s what the two moms Liz and Carmen founded with Löwenzahn Organics, where they create much more than healthy products for toddlers. With their #coolmomsdontjudge campaign, they take a stand against  ‘mom-shaming’ and want to give every mother a strong feeling of self-confidence. We talked to the two Berliners-by-choice about this and many other topics, including what they think is most important when it comes to sustainability.


    The Löwenzahn Organics Founders Carmen and Liz


    Löwenzahn Organics makes organic baby food. What makes your products sustainable and where do they get produced?

    The ingredients of course! We get all our ingredients from completely organic farming that is free of any pesticides or genetic engineering. But the word “organic” means much more to us. It affects our entire production process, from the way that our ingredients are grown, all the way to how we store them. Our milk, for example, comes from the lowlands of Tyrol and is also produced in Austria - our baby food is made in Denmark using biodynamic agriculture.


    Why did you see an opportunity for this product and how are you different from other companies that make organic baby food?

    What really sets us apart is that we simply want it all: we want transparency, we want a responsible way of production, we want to leave out processes that are not needed, and we want to find the newest scientific insights that are really important for making good nutrition. To us, it's only real organic baby food if all these things come together. 


    What does sustainability mean to you and how do you live it in your everyday life?

    Ultimately, sustainability is everyone's business - we have to make sure that we leave the earth behind a little bit better than when we arrived. At home, we really try to teach this awareness to our kids, especially when it comes to consumption. We try to absolutely not wasting any food, not buying too many things, buying local and seasonal foods whenever possible, and of course reducing our plastic use.


    Yummy organic baby food by Löwenzahn Organics


    What should parents pay attention to when it comes to a balanced diet for babies and children?

    Sugar is NOT our friend! Babies are new to our world and discover tastes for the first time - and there's so much more to discover than just sugar. By introducing them to all kind of different tastes with our organic baby food, we give them the best possible start to a healthy diet - for a lifetime of good eating!

    How to you prepare your personal organic baby food? What are your favourite recipes?

    We love it with applesauce on the side! It's simple but so yummy!

    With your campaign #coolmomsdontjudge you talk open and honestly about the problem of ‘mom-shaming’ and you take a stand against it. Please tell us what is meant by this topic and why it is so important to you.

    The topic is becoming increasingly relevant as we see more and more women and men trying out new or different life models. Because of that, we all feel a bit less comfortable and certain than we perhaps felt in the past - and along with that come a lot of opinions, lots of judgements and even condemning - towards others, but also towards ourselves. It seems as if it didn't matter at all how we act - we won't be perfect, not as a human and also not as a mother. Wow - what a surprise, right? But this is exactly where mom-shaming happens: by criticising others just because they don't do things the way we do them, because they make different decisions for their kids and how they raise them.

    Have you experienced mom-shaming yourselves?

    Of course! Which mom hasn't received a nasty or annoyed look in the supermarket because her child was screaming? The subject of breastfeeding in public was also huge for both of us - here it wasn't just the looks, we even got derogatory remarks. And then the relatively early return to work after giving birth - both of us did not take a full year of parental leave when our youngest ones were born and had to listen to a lot of comments because of it.



    With the campaign #coolmomsdontjudge Löwenzahn Organics expess openly the problem of ‘mom-shaming’


    What was/is your biggest challenge with Löwenzahn Organics?

    To develop (more) products that are really 100% organic - it takes so much research, patience, money and a constant stream of new improvements!

    How do you manage to combine being a mom and an entrepreneur? Do you have any special tips to share with other moms or are there certain rituals you follow?

    The most important thing is that we are there for one another, whatever phase we are going through at the moment. We are a real team and had to learn that we can't be perfect all the time - sometimes it's really hard to juggle family and work.


    Mompreneurs Carmen and Liz with their children


    What do you especially like about your work and what gives you inspiration and motivation on a daily basis?

    We believe that we can really make a difference - in how we feed our children with organic baby food and how we treat the world around us.

    Please complete the sentence: “Children are wonderful, because…“

    ...they push us to be better versions of ourselves and because they are a fresh start for the world.

    We couldn't agree with you more, kids gives us motivation and a reason to reflect on the way we live. Thank you so much for this wonderful interview, your story and mission is really inspiring to us and other women. Being a mom is not always easy, but we try our best each and every day and we do it right - each mom in their own way!


     Orbasics-organic baby food Löwenzahn

    Oh, and by the way: Since 2019 Liz and Carmen got a new Momlion in their Co-Founder Team - Welcome Alice!





    Melina is passionate about travelling and sustainability. Her new-year's resolution for 2018 is to avoid any plastic - and it’s still on! On her Instagram Blog she shares her excpierence about other countries and cultures. As an assistant to the founder Lilija she knows everything about the spirit and the vibe of Orbasics.

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