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    The 11 Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Products for the Safest Sparkle

    Does opening the cabinet under the kitchen sink really mean we have to face a cloud of chemical fumes? We've all been there, grabbing cleaning supplies and cringing at the harsh smell. Fortunately, non-toxic cleaning products offer a safer, healthier alternative for our homes.

    Lately, the conversation around the hidden dangers of conventional cleaning products among other common household products is growing louder.

    With increasing awareness about health, safety, and overall well-being—especially for families with young children—the idea of exposing ourselves and our loved ones to potentially harmful chemicals is unsettling.

    In this article, we'll explore the best nontoxic cleaning products but also the benefits of green cleaning products, why they matter, and how making this switch can pave our way to a clean and healthy home.

    So, what is the best natural cleaning agent? Let's dive into this healthier choice together.


    The Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Brands

    We have carefully tested and selected the brands on this list, and we adore them!

    Here is our full list of natural and non-toxic cleaning products :


    Aunt Fannie's | Shop here*

    Young Living | Shop here*

    Dapple | Shop here*

    Branch Basics | Shop here


    Dr. Bronner's | Shop here*

    Leather Honey | Shop here*

    Grove Co. | Shop here*

    ATTITUDE | Shop here*

    BLUELAND | Shop here*

    Puracy | Shop here*

    Cleancult | Shop here*

    How Do We Choose the Best Non-Toxic & Natural Cleaning Products?

    We put a whole lot of time, love, and elbow grease into making our homes spotless, which is why we take our vetting process for the products we use very seriously.

    We test the products ourselves to make sure they really work and carefully check the ingredients to ensure they're free from harmful chemicals. We also look for certifications from trusted organizations to confirm their safety and select eco-friendly cleaning products that offer benefits like sustainable packaging and carbon neutral shipping.

    Lastly, we do a deep dive into customer reviews to gauge other people's experiences with the products to make sure we didn't miss anything with our own tests.

    "Best" vs "Better"

    We've categorized the products into two lists— "Best" and "Better"—based on their ingredients and overall safety.

    "Best" products are our top picks for a non-toxic cleaning solution. They contain the safest and most effective natural ingredients, ensuring minimal exposure to harmful chemicals.

    "Better" products are still good non-toxic options, but they contain certain ingredients that may not be as safe or desirable especially for highly sensitive folks and babies.

    What Are the "Best" Non Toxic Cleaning Products?

    Aunt Fannie's Vinegar Cleaner* (Top Pick)

    Best For: All-purpose

    Pricing: $14.71 (Includes 1 Vinegar Cleaning Spray and 1 Cleaning Vinegar Wipes)

    Certifications: Leaping Bunny, EWG A-rated

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Vinegar, Sugar-derived surfactant, Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil

    Why We Like It: Aunt Fannie's products win our hearts every time because the ingredients are pretty much clean enough to eat! To us, this is the ultimate assurance of safety. We use the spray and wipes even on surfaces that come in contact with food. There's not much to think or worry about when using them for anything anywhere! And they make every room smell clean and fresh with the citrusy scent! For our family, these are the "go-to's."

    Shop Aunt Fannie's here


    Image@ Aunt Fannie

    Young Living Thieves Ultra-Concentrate*

    Best For: All-purpose (scented)

    Pricing: $38.58 (14.4 fl oz)

    Certifications: N/A

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary oils

    Why We Like It: Another all-in-one cleaning concentrate that we absolutely love for especially tough cleaning jobs with odor challenges. Cleans with natural and non toxic ingredients and replaces stinky odors with the warm and spicy signature scents of their Thieves essential oil blend. The bathroom where we keep the litter box is no longer an embarrassment. The value of that is priceless!

    Shop Young Living here


    Image @ Young Living

    Dapple Baby All-Purpose Cleaning Spray*

    Best For: All-purpose, especially for toys, highchairs, car seats, and countertops

    Pricing: $17.98 (30 fl oz) - 2 pack

    Certifications: Clean Label Project Certified, EWG Rating A

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Sodium citrate, Baking Soda, Lavandula Angustifolia

    Why We Like It: Because our daughter is highly sensitive and has allergies, we use Dapple's all-purpose spray with most things she comes into daily contact with, and she's never had any issues - Talk about peace of mind! We appreciate that as a scented product, it's mild and naturally scented with lavender. AND it actually works - Greasy fingerprints no more!

    Shop Dapple here


    Image@ Dapple

    Branch Basics Starter Kit

    Best For: All-purpose + Laundry Detergent

    Pricing: $125 for 1 bottle of concentrate (33.8 fl oz), 2 Lb bag of Oxygen Boost, 3 glass bottles with spray nozzles, 1 glass soap dispenser, 1 glass laundry detergent bottle

    Certifications: EWG Verified, Made Safe, Leaping Bunny

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Decyl glucoside, Sodium citrate, Chamomile

    Why We Like It: Just one product turns into every type of cleaner! From all-purpose to glass cleaner and even a laundry detergent. The Branch Basics "concentrate" really does it all and our favorite part is that it's not scented. This starter kit will set you up with all your cleaning needs. Cloth diapers anyone?? Paired with their Oxygen Boost, the diapers come out completely odor-free.

    Shop Branch Basics here


    Image@ Branch Basics

    What Are the "Better" Natural Cleaning Products?

    Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds Concentrate*

    Why it's on the "Better" list: Contains SLS

    Best For: All-purpose (floors, laundry, dish soap, furniture, and car)

    Pricing: $57.32 (1 gallon)

    Certifications: Leaping Bunny, B Corp, Certified Vegan

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Pure Fir & Spruce essential oils

    Why We Like It: There's literally nothing Sal Suds can't do... except for maybe actually rolling up it's sleeves and doing the dishes and laundry for you. But it really does come close! Sal Suds was our intro to natural cleaning supplies and we've used this product for years - laundry, dishes, floors, surface spray and even to wash our car! The scent is divine and its biodegradability gives it bonus points!

    Shop Dr. Bronner's here


    Image@ Dr. Bronners

    Leather Honey*

    Why it's on the "Better" list: Leather Honey keeps its ingredients confidential as part of their family secret recipe. They assure customers that their products do not contain any harmful chemicals covered by California's "Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017." However, due to the lack of full ingredient disclosure, it is categorized as "Better" rather than "Best."

    Best For: All types of leather

    Pricing: $16.99 (8 fl oz)

    Certifications: EPA Safer Choice

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: N/A

    Why We Like It: This little bottle has found a permanent place in our car's center console. Accidental coffee spills when we're rushing to work are no match for our cream leather seats with this sidekick! This beauty saves us. It wasn't easy finding a non toxic leather cleaner on the market so we knew we struck gold with Leather Honey.

    Shop Leather Honey here


    Image@ Leather Honey

    Grove Co Multi-Purpose Concentrate Refill & Bottle*

    Why it's on the "Better" list: Contains Fragrance

    Best For: All-purpose

    Pricing: $26.99 (1 fl oz) + Glass Spray Bottle

    Certifications: B Corp, FSC

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Sodium gluconate, Citric acid, Essential oils, Coco glucoside

    Why We Like It: Big family dinners are a regular occurrence in our house and this all-purpose cleaner has made clean up so much easier. We love having a single product that can tackle the whole mess. From greasey pans to sticky countertops and touch ups in between! We find the lemon & eucalyptus scent is perfect for the kitchen but works well in every other room too. The reusable bottles win brownie points!

    Shop Grove Co. here


    Image@ Grove

    ATTITUDE Nature+ Technology Bathroom Cleaner*

    Why it's on the "Better" list: Contains Propanediol, Fragrance

    Best For: Bathroom

    Pricing: $14.90 (27.1 fl oz)

    Certifications: ECOLOGO, EWG verified

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Citric acid, Sodium hydroxide, Sapindus Mukorossi Fruit Extract

    Why We Like It: Even though we prefer an all-in-one product, we reach for ATTITUDE's bathroom cleaner when we've got stubborn stains and build up on the tile in our bathroom. When we first tried it, we went straight to the years old limescale stains on our shower door and our jaws dropped at what looked like a brand new shower door appearing before our eyes! This stuff really works.

    Shop ATTITUDE here


    Image@ Attitude


    Why it's on the "Better" list: Contains SLS, Fragrance

    Best For: All-purpose

    Pricing: $21.99 (4 tables x 24 flo oz bottles)

    Certifications: Leaping Bunny, B Corp, Climate Neutral, U.S. EPA Safer Choice, Cradle to Cradle

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Carbonate, Fresh lemon

    Why We Like It: Aesthetically, Blueland takes the cake. The design of their plastic free glass bottle isn't just nice because it produces 90% fewer carbon emissions that its plastic bottle counterparts - It looks good too! We appreciate that the company goes above and beyond in upholding its duty as a brand pioneering in clean living and sustainability, as evidenced by their many certifications.

    Shop BLUELAND here


    Image@ Blueland

    Puracy Concentrate Packets*

    Why it's on the "Better" list: Contains Fragrance

    Best For: All-purpose

    Pricing: $8.99 (0.5 fl oz) 2-Pack

    Certifications: N/A

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Citric Acid, Peppermint Essential Oil

    Why We Like It: Even though this product didn't make it on our "best" list, we have to give the brand props for its transparency. A "Safety Data Sheet" is available with the click of a button on any of the products via their website and gives a thorough breakdown of any ingredients that may potentially cause irritation or harm.

    Shop Puracy here


    Image@ Puracy

    Cleancult Refillable All-Purpose Cleaner*

    Why it's on the "Better" list: Contains Phenoxyethanol, Propanediol

    Best For: All-purpose

    Pricing: $14.02 (16 fl oz) 3-pack

    Certifications: FSC, Plastic Neutral

    Key Non Toxic Ingredients: Sodium citrate, Citric acid, Essential oil blend

    Why We Like It: It's hard to ignore the wit carried through in Cleancult's branding. Even though this doesn't affect the (amazing) efficacy of their all-purpose cleaner, we love a brand with personality! The aluminum bottle and paper-based refills are the cherry on top.

    Shop Cleancult here


    Image@ CleanCult

    Why Switch to Non-Toxic & Natural Cleaning Products?

    Many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory issues, skin irritation, and other health problems. These toxic substances also negatively impact the environment by contaminating water sources and harming wildlife.

    Switching to non toxic cleaning products is essential for these reasons:

    1. Healthier Indoor Air: A green cleaning product reduces indoor air pollution, leading to fewer respiratory problems and a healthier home.

    2. Safe for Children and Pets: These products are free from harsh chemicals, making them safer for children and pets, who are more vulnerable to toxic substances.

    3. Environmental Protection: Many non-toxic cleaners are biodegradable and less harmful to the environment, reducing water pollution and minimizing the impact on wildlife.

    4. Reduced Allergies and Irritations: Using non-toxic products can lower the risk of skin irritations and allergic reactions caused by the harsh chemicals in conventional cleaners.

    Do Non-Toxic Cleaning Products Actually Work?

    Absolutely! Non-toxic cleaners use natural ingredients that are both safe and effective. Plant-based ingredients like vinegar, essential oils, and plant-derived surfactants clean as well as, if not better than, traditional agents. Similarly, using non-toxic detergents ensures your laundry is free from harmful chemicals, providing a healthier environment for your family.

    The Power of Natural

    Here’s a list of some of the natural ingredients you'll find on labels and what they do:

    • Vinegar: Disinfectant and deodorizer, cuts grease, and removes odors.

    • Essential Oils: Antibacterial, antifungal, and aromatic properties.

      • Tea Tree Oil: Antibacterial and antifungal.

      • Lemon Oil: Antimicrobial with a fresh scent.

      • Lavender Oil: Antibacterial with a calming scent.

    • Plant Extracts like Eucalyptus Extract: Provide Antibacterial and various cleaning benefits.

    • Decyl glucoside, Coco glucoside: Mild surfactants that cleanse without irritation.

    • Citric Acid: Natural preservative and pH adjuster, removes hard water stains and soap scum.


    What Ingredients in Cleaning Products are Harmful?

    Avoid these Harsh Chemicals in Cleaning Supplies

    It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the common harmful ingredients found in cleaning products so that you know what to look for when reading labels.

    • Phthalates: Found in synthetic fragrances, disrupt hormones.

    • Triclosan: In antibacterial soaps, can affect thyroid function.

    • Ammonia: Irritates respiratory system, worsens asthma.

    • Chlorine: Triggers allergies, asthma; toxic fumes when mixed.

    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): Irritates skin/eyes, potential organ toxicity.

    • 2-Butoxyethanol: In window cleaners, can cause severe organ damage.

    • Perchloroethylene (PERC): Carcinogen, harms central nervous system.

    • Formaldehyde: Causes respiratory issues, skin irritation

    How to Store Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

    Properly storing natural cleaning products is essential to maintain their effectiveness and ensure safety.

    • Keep Original Containers: Store in original containers with labels intact.

    • Cool, Dry Place: Avoid heat and moisture.

    • Secure Lids: Ensure containers are sealed properly.

    • Childproof Storage: Keep out of reach of children and pets, ideally in a locked cabinet or on a high shelf.

    What is the best homemade solution for cleaning?

    For all our DIY'ers, here's an all-purpose cleaner recipe that's great for quick clean-ups.


    • 1 cup white vinegar

    • 1 cup water

    • 1 tablespoon Castile soap

    • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

    • 10-15 drops essential oil (e.g., tea tree, lavender, or lemon)


    1. Mix the white vinegar, water, Castile soap, and lemon juice in a spray bottle.

    2. Add the essential oil drops.

    3. Shake well before each use.

    4. Spray on surfaces and wipe with a clean cloth.

    You can find more DIY recipes in our dedicated blog post on best natural cleaners


    This post was all about the best non-toxic and safe cleaning products. These products are effective, safer for your health, and reduce respiratory problems and skin irritations by avoiding harsh chemicals.

    What’s the best part of switching to non-toxic, biodegradable, and natural cleaning solutions? You can safely replace most formulas in your cabinet with a single all-purpose concentrate cleaner. Make the switch to keep your home clean without compromising safety or effectiveness!

    If you enjoyed this post, check out these other articles on safe and non toxic products:


    How to know if a cleaner is non-toxic?

    Check for certifications like EPA’s Safer Choice or look for products with ingredient transparency and none or very few of the harsh chemicals listed above.

    How can I clean my house without toxic chemicals?

    Choose a non-toxic cleaning product from our trusted list or make one yourself with natural, non-toxic ingredients from our recipe above.

    What is the best non-toxic floor cleaner?

    We recommend Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds*. This product is perfect as a floor cleaner and works really well as an all purpose cleaner for every room in the house!

    How do you sanitize and disinfect without chemicals?

    Use natural disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide, citrus oils, vinegar, or steam cleaning.

    Do organic cleaning products work?

    Yes, organic cleaning products are incredibly effective and are made with ingredients that aren't grown with harmful pesticides, making them a more sustainable and earth-friendly choice as well.

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