Sticky Lemon

Pencil Case - faded red powder blue | Sticky Lemon

Kids Collection by Orbasics

15,95 € incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Sometimes it is hard to choose which color is the best choice. With this pencil case from dutch company Sticky Lemon this problem will clearly be solved. The front and the back are colored differently so you don't have to decide which color you like more. This everyday helper brings colorful joy into your school life. The pencil case is a must-have for every elementary school kid. 

Size: 22 x 4 x 6.5 cm
Different colored front and back 

outside: waxed canvas
inside: waterproof nylon

Why we like it:

  • Beautiful contemporary design
  • Gorgeous colors
  • Sustainable materials 





When available,   here our standard delivery times:

Germany: 2-5 days
Europe: 3-7 days
Rest of world:  It's hard to tell exact global delivery times, but in our experience, it takes around 5-20 days for most countries.
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