Gulligull - F is for Feminist

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May, a UK-based mother to a beautiful daughter, founded her own label Gulligull from her passion to design and produce beautiful kidsroom poster. Inspired by the wonderful connection between moms and kids and by the beauty of nature, she creates lovely prints that make for beautiful decoration in kids rooms or in the living room.
Her design “F is for Feminism” shows a strong mother figure, who cares deeply about the wellbeing of women and children and supports her fellow human beings. This kidsroom poster shares the message with our little ones that they are being protected and inspires them to be strong themselves. We absolutely love the artwork for this kidsroom poster, because it's not only beautifully illustrated, but also teaches important values to our children. The poster was printed on 100% recycled paper and comes in A4 size.


  • A4 format


  • 100% recycled paper that comes from consumer waste
  • rich archival inks

Why we love it:
    •    A unique and beautiful design

    •    100% sustainable and recycled materials and colors

    •    Enchanting stories behind each individual motif

When available, here are our standard delivery times:

Germany: 3 - 4 days
Europe: 7 - 14 days
Rest of world: It's hard to tell exact global delivery times, but in our experience, it takes around 5-20 days for most countries.
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