Gulligull - Happy Seed

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We just can´t get enough of this kids room poster, made by the label Gulligull. The founder and mom May, who calls herself “Mama Gulligull”, has found a very unique style for her kids room posters, combining lovely characters with beautiful words of wisdom. Using simple shapes and retro colours, the designs talk about the close connection between mothers and children and living in unity with nature.
The design “Happy Seed” communicates to our young ones that there is a beauty in living happily together and taking care of the environment. A Gulligull gardener stands in contrast to a coral-colored background with his beautiful golden dungarees. You and your kids will absolutely fall in love with the gorgeous colour selection of this kids room poster!
All materials of this A4 kids room poster can be recycled and even the colours were carefully selected to be fully organic.


  • A4 format


  • 100% recycled paper that comes from consumer waste
  • rich archival inks

Why we love it:
    •    A unique and beautiful design

    •    100% sustainable and recycled materials and colors

    •    Enchanting stories behind each individual motif





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