Gulligull - My moon

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The playful and dreamy family prints by Gulligull are not just sustainably made, but also wonderful to look at. These family prints are designed by UK-based mompreneur May, who creates unique designs that are an inspiration and joy for the whole family. The beautiful motif “My Moon” shows a magical scene of a woman holding the moon, symbolising the special and caring connection between mother and child.

Gulligull is an independent label from England producing minimalistic and gorgeous family prints that don't just look great in the children's room, but anywhere in your home. The simple yet timeless designs of the family prints remind us to be thankful of our family, to take a breather and to connect to our core again. All family prints are made of 100% organic materials and printed in the highest quality on recycled A4 paper.


  • A4 format


  • 100% recycled paper that comes from consumer waste
  • rich archival inks

Why we love it:
    •    A unique and beautiful design

    •    100% sustainable and recycled materials and colors

    •    Enchanting stories behind each individual motif

When available, here are our standard delivery times:

Germany: 3 - 4 days
Europe: 7 - 14 days
Rest of world: It's hard to tell exact global delivery times, but in our experience, it takes around 5-20 days for most countries.
For further questions regarding shipment & returns, please visit our dedicated page.

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