Following are the guidelines for sponsored posts on Orbasics. These be followed while writing an article for us.

  • The article must be unique and not published anywhere else.
  • Topic availability needs to be checked with our website. Unique and not previously explored topics are more favourable.
  • Articles should contain ​more than 800 words per post​, prioritizing SEO (no upper word limit). Longer articles are more favourable.
  • Topics must be original and well researched. ​
  • You will not send us spun content, or content based on a generic template. Examples as “What is…”, “Why you should hire…” and the like.
  • Proper grammar and sentencing must be maintained through the entirety of the article. We will not accept subpar or poorly written articles. We’ll reject them right away.
  • We do not accept plagiarized, spun, bot-written or generic articles. We highly insist that the content be an original work with sufficient quality and proper coverage on proposed topics.
  • Any back-link placement must be natural with the contents of the article. Overly optimized keywords must be avoided and we will remove/modify any such articles that we find or reject the article altogether if a consensus isn’t reached.
  • The document must be illustrated/attached with a few high-resolution images related to the topic including the author of the image proper credits.