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Orbasics' Friends - Sticky Lemon

We fell in love with the designs and colours by Sticky Lemon at very first sight. The Dutch label creates sustainable backpacks, notebooks and other accessories in unique colour combinations that contrast beautifully. The retro colour shades are playful, quirky and stylish all at the same time and remind us of the world in a Wes Anderson movie. It's hard to choose, but our favourite bag is a gorgeous mix of sugar brown, violet & caramel fudge colours.

We also love that Sticky Lemon uses ethical materials for their products and always looks for new organic fabrics to work with. The brand decided to go with recycled PET bottles for the body of the backpacks, meaning that they are not only sustainable and can be cleaned easily, but also keep all the books and toys dry on rainy days. The pack corduroys are made of PET bottles too.

Sticky Lemon was founded in 2016 and works together with up-and-coming designers for each new collection. All their designs are in unisex colours and the bags look swift on every occasion - whether your little ones take them to school or on a family day trip. And of course the sustainable backpacks look extremely good on our unisex long sleeves or t-shirts ;)

Sticky Lemon fanny pack corduroy | steel blue


Sticky Lemon Small Backpack glitter | grass green


Sticky Lemon Backpack Envelope I sugar brown


Sticky Lemon Backpack Envelope I peony pink


Sticky Lemon Backpack Envelope I gold green


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