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Made for future pilots and adventurers. This wooden helicopter with spinnable propeller is sure to become a favorite amongst all toys. Made from natural and sustainable material, this wooden helicopter can be played with inside and outside and is also the perfect presents on a friends´ bday party. What we especially love about it: because of its lovely and minimalist design, you can keep this toy as a piece of decoration in your living room.
The sustainable and handmade wooden helicopter comes in a maxi size of 19x9 cm. The Helly is made from 100% natural wood (alder wood) and the little wheels and propellers are hand-painted using paint that is made from ginger and basil.

Details of the wooden helicopter

  • 19x9 cm
  • EN/71 certified.
  • 1 year +


  • Handmade from untreated wood
  • Handpainted with natural basil and ginger dyes

Why we like it:

  • Gorgeous minimalist design
  • 100% organic material and colours
  • everything is handmade

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