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Kids T-Shirts

We designed our organic kids t-shirts in a casual fit, so your kids feel free when they chase each other and do cartwheels outside. Made from 100% certified organic and softest cotton, this tee is meant to be worn, stretched and soaked all day long!  This tee girls and boys has a cozy sleeve and crew neck with flat stitching that makes it especially comfortable. We decided to leave out the tag in the back area, to keep your kids undisturbed when they are fooling around.

Our “Luxury Tee” mixes and matches perfectly with your kid's favorite pants, leggings or shorts, no matter which of the unisex colours you choose. This organic kids t-shirt is woven from super sturdy and soft fabric and is so comfy, we wish we could wear it ourselves! The tee comes in sizes 1-9, if you are not sure about the perfect fit for your child you can have a look hereA little fun fact on the side: Did you know it's called T-Shirt because the form looks like the letter “T”?