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Vroom vroom! To be honest, we would actually like to play with these beautiful toy wooden vehicles ourselves! These three rollable sports wooden vehicles by Pinch Toys are carved from high-quality and natural alder wood and each has four sturdy wheels that are painted exclusively with natural colours from basil and ginger. The wooden vehicles are not just the perfect pastime at home, but can also be brought on trips, to the grandma or the café. With their elegant and minimalist design, they can also be stored on the bedside table or in the bookshelf, where they are a real eye-catcher. The handmade wooden vehicles are made of 100% untreated wood (alder) and the little wheels are hand-painted with natural dyes.

Details of the wooden vehicles

  • 8 x 8 cm
  • EN/71 certified.
  • 1 year +


  • Handmade from untreated wood
  • Handpainted with natural basil and ginger dyes

Why we like it:

  • Gorgeous minimalist design
  • 100% organic material and colours
  • everything is handmade

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