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Kids longsleeve shirts are perfect for playing outside when the days get cooler. They can be worn over any t-shirt or tank top, but goes just as well by itself. There are no extra pockets, prints or sequins - just pure organic goodness for your little ones. Our kids longsleeve shirts are made from 100% organic certified cotton. This means that absolutely no harmful chemicals or pesticides went into producing the fabric. That's better for the environment but also your kid's health. Next to that, Orbasics is actually similar in price to non-organic brands. By keeping our clothes to their pure essentials, we make the collection affordable for all parents.

The Mighty Longsleeve has a casual fit with comfortably cut sleeves and breathable and wear-resistant comfort. It comes in these beautiful unisex colours: Aqua Grey, Forest Green, Honey Gold, Seashell Blush, Cloud White, Midgrey Melange and Cosmic Black.