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Orbasics' Friends - Gulligull

Playful and dreamy prints for the whole family. The label Gulligull was created by mompreneur “mama gulligull” from the UK, who has a lifetime love for watercolour paintings, studying psychology, raising a beautiful human of her own and creating gorgeous paper products. After becoming inspired by the nostalgia and simplicity of vintage Christmas decorations, she decided to turn her love into something that other kids families could own too, and created her label Gulligull. The word Gulligull is an almost forgotten Swedish word that means “cutie-pie”, and this is exactly what these gorgeous prints look like. All of them are digitally hand-drawn and show a beautiful world of imagination and creativity: a mom and child gazing at the moon, a gardener sowing seeds, or a clown figure juggling balls. Some prints have inspiring words of wisdom written on them and all of them come on 100% recycled paper that doesn't fade out even after many moons and suns.
There are many great ideas for Gulligul prints at home - as decoration on the kids night table, to wrap Christmas, Easter and Birthday presents, or for framing in the living room. Every paper is lovingly sent to you in a plastic-free box and is wrapped safely for the journey.