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Orbasics' Friends - Bravery Mag

The idea for Bravery Mag came about in a chat between the two friends Elyse and Ashley. The two were sitting together in the kitchen in 2015, talking about how the media and our society doesn't talk about strong female role models. They kept coming back to this topic, and slowly started to have the idea for a project to tell stories about inspiring women to little kids. No sooner said than done: Elyse and Ashley sat down together to create a detailed plan for the project. It took on more and more shape and eventually they knew, that they wanted to create a magazine about strong female role models. Bravery Mag tells stories of brave and inspiring women, who change the world for the better and live out their passions to the fullest. With many wonderful illustrations, it portraits women with a strong will who become experts in their fields, and shows that there is much more to being a woman than looking pretty and waiting for prince charming. In this way, girls and boys alike learn that there are no limits to the hobbies and possibilities they can pursue, and become inspired to make brave and strong decisions.