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#GOODTHING: juliusophie helps parents find the perfect outfit for their little ones

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Buying kids fashion online? That's of course nothing new! But getting an entire, personally matched kids outfits delivered to you? That didn't exist until now. Julia and Julia - two two time moms from Berlin are running the company juliusophie together. A curated shopping experience for sustainable and certified baby and kids clothing. They created juliusophie to give parents the freedom of more spare time, by not having to look for kids clothes anymore and wasting lots of time, but still having beautifully dressed kids.

In our blog series #GOODTHING, we talk to women who dedicate themselves to making our planet more sustainable. We love the products they create and want to know the story behind them. We hope to inspire each other with these interviews and believe that women should support and encourage each other whenever they can. Today, the two founders  Julia Lehmann und Julia Pingsmann introduce their curated shipping service for kids fashion and explain how their brand supports sustainability beside the quality of the clothes“.

Julia und Julia live and work in Stralau, a peninsula on the river Spree in Berlin, not far away from the Alexanderplatz and right next to Treptower Park, They love being moms and love being entrepreneurs just as much. They adore good food, sport (most Julia Lehmann), music (mostly Julia Pingsmann) and their families. Their kids are their daily inspiration.

They describe themselves as typical working moms who live through the daily craziness of being a manager, mom, wife, friend and woman, all at the same time.


orbasics-kids-outfitsThe two founder Julia and Julia


Your label is called “juliusophie - your kids clothes shopping helpers.” What's the story behind this project and who are the shopping helpers?

Julia P: juliusophie - that's Julius and Sophie, my two kids. They didn't just give us the idea, but also the name.

Julia L: and the shopping helpers - that's us. We help parents discover sustainable, organically certified and gorgeous kids outfits. With us as helpers they don't just discover single items, but receive a fashion box of wonderfully matched outfits. 

How did you come up with the idea?

Julia P: I really care about kids outfits that is sustainable or at least made from high-quality fabrics and materials. But shopping in Berlin with two little kids can actually turn into a pretty big nightmare. Distances are way too long and stores are full. I also didn't want to browse on online shopping sites forever - i did find some nice tops there, but never the perfectly matched outfit. Services like ours exist for adults, but not for kids. That's why i founded juliusophie, to make easy shopping possible for all parents.

Julia L: I was one of the first customers and immediately convinced by the idea. The selection of great materials, the combination of kids outfits, the packaging - everything was just perfect.

Julia P: We started talking more because of her positive feedback. We actually already knew each other through the kindergarten because our daughters are friends - and so we refined the business model and the go-to-market strategy together. Now we are running a growing business together that we really care about. 

Julia L: For example, in our talks we developed the sustainability aspect further. Now our customers can actually send the pieces that they bought on juliusophie back to us once their kids have grown too big. In exchange, they get a store credit for their next order. Returning customers also have the option to go for second-hand for a part of the kids outfits in their fashion box. We believe that it's much better if clothes can be shared between families, instead of ending up in the trash bin.


orbasics-kids-outfitLittle Shoppinghelper with the Juliusophie Box


How do you select the items for each box?

Julia L: Our custome