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Pure Basics for Happy Kids

Kidswear doesn't need to be complicated. Surely we can do without the slogans, the sequins, the chemicals, the itching, the falling-apart-after-a-few-washes, the cheap labour, the eye-watering price tag and the gender stereotypes. Let's keep it simple. Organic kids' basics that mix-and-match well with a quality difference you will feel. A little luxurious, a lot practical, all unisex – and nicely priced, too.

Ethical and
to last
No Harmful
Made in

The Collection For Ages 1-8

Mighty Longsleeve

Inspired by children and the way they move, our play-ready longsleeve is the sturdy staple of your active kid's wardrobe. Luxuriously made in 100% organic cotton jersey, it slips on snugly and loves to layer on cooler days. Our commitment to quality means that many washes from now, your longsleeve will come from the washer as bright and scrummy as ever. Looks good, feels good, does good.

The Luxury Tee

No wardrobe is complete without a good supply of cotton Tees in all the colours for everybody. Our luxury shirts are fairly made in 100% organic cotton jersey. Never sloganed, sprayed or sequined – just premium, organic goodness in lovely colours at a basically decent price. For kids that want freedom.

Play-all-day Leggings

If it's not comfy and hardwearing enough to play in, then it's not worth wearing, right? Our certified chemical-free cotton jersey leggings contain just enough elastane to give your kids total freedom to climb, cycle and cartwheel with no baggy knees or saggy waistline. Gorgeously organic and stretchy enough to survive a growth spurt, our leggings go on, and on.....and on.

Cool Tank

Lovingly crafted in unbelievably soft organic cotton, this multi-seasonal tank will keep your kids cool in summer and snug in winter. Made from 100% GOTS-certified cotton for exceptional comfort and fit, there's a whole lot of goodness in this little package. And so simple to slip on, even a toddler can do it.

Oh-so Easy Pants

Generously cut from 100% organic, super-soft Italian fleece, our everyday-easy pants are perfect for dirty knees and growing kids. Simple, cozy and sophisticated in lovely colours that will turn your little ones from messy to dressy in no time. Basic never looked so good.

A Celebration of Simplicity.

Stylish, sustainable and simple with a little touch of magic – that’s what we want for our children’s clothes. We make it incredibly easy to find wardrobe classics in gorgeous colours that mix and match effortlessly, designed to make mornings a breeze. No sequins, no slogans, no sales mark-up – just an essential collection of children's basics produced with a resolute commitment to fair trade, the environment and quality.

Shop with Conscience and Confidence

When it comes to quality, there are no compromises. We earn your trust by using only 100% organic cotton in our products, and we're proud to work with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified manufacturers. Sustainability is bountiful, too – we stock low, and all the elements in our supply chain are inspected to ensure they meet strict organic and ethical standards. 

Crafted in Europe, Made to Last

Our classic basics are lovingly made in Europe so you get the best, minus the eco-harmful shipping distances. On top of that, we keep it unisex. Through the washes and the hand-me-downs, our garments will pass from brother to sister to brother without losing their shape or softness.

Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices

We never understood why the quality organic basics needed to cost so much. That's why we sell online, so we can cut out the overheads without sacrificing quality. By keeping prices comparable with non-organic brands despite using the finest 100% organic cotton, we ensure excellent value for money.

ORBASICS is an ethical kidsline of organic basics that are nicely made and nicely priced. It's clothes, made better. Simple, really.